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hamilton and mansell



Well that was a great victory by Lewis Hamilton in the US Grand Prix last week-end wasn’t it? You may also know that in the process Hamilton also overtook Nigel Mansell’s record of most GP wins by a British driver, which he’d held since 1992. Lewis now has 32 victories to Mansell’s 31, with 27 by Jackie Stewart, 25 by Jim Clark and 22 by Damon Hill. Which is quite a feat given that Lewis is just 29 and can hopefully look forward to racing for quite a few years yet.

But looking at this image of the two reminds me that the young driver has now also overtaken Mansell in the crap hair stakes. Our Nige has been the undisputed leader of the pack for many years with his furry caterpillar eyebrows and that dead possum on his upper lip. However Hamilton’s decision to continue to sport a rubbish beard and a moustache only half as good as his girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger’s has seen him attempt an audacious overtaking manoeuvre on the old champion in recent months. The passing move was completed when Hamilton removed his helmet following victory in the last few races to showcase his new longer hairstyle which requires the current championship leader to try and avoid the prying camera whilst he preens and teases the wispy strands into something resembling a Hoxton quiff-cum-Mohican before he dons the Pirelli baseball cap on the winners’ podium. And then again when he removes the cap for the National Anthems. After a race you’re expected to look hot, sweaty, drained and dishevelled; not like some talentless wannabe auditioning for X Factor.  Get a proper racing drivers’ haircut son. And ditch those diamond earrings whilst you’re at it. What a bloody girl. James Hunt must be turning in his frigging grave.





2 thoughts on “Hair racing

  1. just watching Question Time. Why are footballers ‘role models’? Why are politicians pontificating about Ched Evans? yes, he’s obviously a scumbag and Sheff Utd shouldn’t go near him, but I meeeeaaan, people in glass houses. They’re littered with dodgy ones.

    Needs a rant article mate.

    By the way, Matty got a funny tweet from Sralan last night…


    • Hi mate.

      Good topic for a rant, will give it a go. How on earth does Matty know Sralan? Do spill the beans. And was it truly funny or just frigging weird like ‘you’re wired’.

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