I’ve just been catching up with C4’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year. There’s nothing on the box worth watching at the moment. I’m not a very big fat fan of the show nor Jimmy Carr to be honest but I do find David Mitchell droll (and he’s married to Victoria Coren so respect, man) and Richard Ayoade is nicely dry. Kevin Bridges, Mickey Flanagan and Sarah Millican can be fun too (though Mickey Flanagan outside of his stage shows is nowhere near as funny as he likes to think he is). But what on earth was Mel B, or whatever her name is, doing on the show? She’s not just unfunny, she is incredibly sour and angry at everything. There’s just no humour or light-side in the woman and that Yerksher accent is just ser grating. She must be a nightmare to live with, which is presumably why every relationship she’s been in usually ends with the fella scuttling away rapidly after some dramatic falling out. Or Escape from old Coldtitz as I prefer to call her relationship conclusions.

Anyway it got me thinking about all these panel games on tv and whilst there are some genuinely comic people on them, like Dara O’Briain for example, there are lots of so-called comedians/stand-ups/funny guys out there in tv land who just leave me coldly unamused. They are just not funny. Who? Well Russell Brand for starters; he’s about as funny as anal warts. I just don’t get him or his humour. At all. And the same goes for Noel Fielding; he’s just off his head I sense. Who else? Ed Byrne, Dara’s little Irish side-kick, is only funny in his own mind. His self-satisfied performances leave me as cold as a Kilkenny peat bog. Reeves and Mortimer are funny, if you live in Uvahvu, Otherwise embarrassing. John Bishop was amusing when his act was fresh and he was a struggling comic but now he’s sorted and his schtick just grates. And that accent is about as forced as Cilla frigging Black’s. Jonathan Ross is just too wealthy and satisfied to be insightful and cutting. Ditto Ricky Gervais though my dislike of him now was better spelled out here https://pastapaulie.wordpress.com/?s=ricky+gervais&submit=Search

David Baddiel – when did he ever say or do anything that made you laugh out loud? Never. Then there are the likes of Paul O’Grady who’s just a waspish queen bee. His views on life and people are more caustic than Abu Hanza yet stick a fluffy puppy in front of him and he turns into Sherrie Hewson after a couple of glasses of prosecco. A gibbering loon. And don’t talk to me about all those golfing ‘funnymen’ like Forsyth, Corbett, Tarbuck and their ilk. They’re as relevant and as funny as a Pringle jumper and pair of plus fours.

I could list a number more but it might make me sound like a miserable old git and I don’t want you thinking of me as….

Mel pp


3 thoughts on “unfunny

  1. I am on the train to work using my phone, also I’ve got Mr S’s glasses by mistake – so this comment is doomed.
    I did not watch the programme you mention as I can’t put up with Carr for more than 5 minutes.
    I like Eddie Izzard.
    Also, those few programmes Stuart Lee (?) did, a while back, were very funny.

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