Bottom Marks

Now what’s this headline all about? The results of some naughty spanking session? Grimy lines on your undies? Well as tempting as it is to write about both those things, it’s something entirely different and, I have to admit, a lot less thrilling. But it’s something that regular readers will know drives me mad, the tendency for Marks & Spencer’s to completely make a hash of presenting themselves engagingly in-store.

Now after a month or so away from the blog you’d think I’d come up with something a little bit more interesting than that and truth is I’ve got loads to write about but just can’t find the time at the moment. But something happened today whilst we were doing a bit of shopping which made me shake my head and I wanted to share it with you in a quick posting. Picture the scene, me and C walking around the Teddington branch of M&S with a trolley of goods when I came across this stand which is titled ‘NEW IDEAS’. Ah sounds good; I’m always keen to see what new items have been added to the increasingly exotic range of M&S foodstuffs. And what was this amazing new taste sensation? Er…tinned soup. Frigging TINNED SOUP!  If you don’t believe me have a look…


I’d forgive them a little bit if it was a full display or if the varieties were exciting but the tins I saw contained chicken, winter vegetables and tomato and basil flavours. Oh that’s soooo new. Well done M&S you’ve left me speechless again.


And here’s a little post-script. As we were at the check-out queue I was browsing the front covers of the girls’ mags (another little pleasure of mine) and came across the week’s OK magazine featuring, for some inexplicable reason, the completely talentless Kerry Katona. Can somebody please explain to me just what it is she does that makes her so interesting apart from marrying deadbeats and breeding like a cockroach? Anyway she’s grinning like a Warrington, Cheshire Kat and showing off her latest offspring who looks like a lovely little girl. But as she’s been spawned by a z list celebrity the poor kid’s been landed with a handle that’s just pretentious and frigging dopey and so KK. Take a look and enjoy/sympathise…


Dylan-Jorge! Isn’t that a lad’s name? And I wonder if that second bit’s meant to be pronounced Horgay? Such class. You couldn’t make it up.

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Having decided on a change of life by moving home from the UK to Italy, this is the story and thoughts of a man on a personal journey from the Blackpool Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in search of la dolce vita. After several olive harvests he's now back in London but en route he shares his very personal perspectives on life.

4 thoughts on “Bottom Marks

  1. It’s true I’m sad to say Alison, the offspring of KIm Kardashian and Kanye West. I think we can guess what the siblings are likely to be called…

    Thanks for the comments as always


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