A taste of Italy in Tedders


Well here’s the thing, a dear friend and regular reader of the blog told me recently that as wonderful as my biting wit and ranting criticism are, she’d like me to write something uplifting and complimentary for once. A piece that praises rather than protests. OK M, but Mr Curmudgeonly will be back next week!

So I’d better find something good to write about and it’s a little bit of Italy in Teddington; a cafe, deli and private dinner venue called La Bottega, owned and run by the ultimate charmer, Roberto. All the ladies love Roberto but he’s a guy’s guy at the same time and I like him enormously. But I like his food even more. C and I go there for lunch regularly usually with our young grandson and daughter R. And last week we took M&S, our great friends and not the store, who are over from America. I have to tell you we had a fabulous impromptu meal. We tend to share a large meat and cheese platter like this one


accompanied by some delightfully crisp Trebbiano – Roberto has a great stock of Italian wines. But on the day we were there with our fiends he offered us some of his new range of warm foods; some delicious porchetta supplied from a farmer based in Garstang, Lancs (very close to my family home), a super melazane parmigiana and a collection of really tasty nibbles of ascolana stuffed olives, arancini, courgette florets in a batter crust, panzerotti, aubergine bites and loads more. We went in again just the other day and Roberto offered us some of his mini lamb shanks, bloody lovely…

la bottega2

If you like cakes with your cappuccino then you’re in for a treat – everything is freshly-prepared and generously served…

la Bottega5

I’ve lifted some images from his site but I’m sure Roberto won’t mind as he’s un uomo buono.  Going there gives us our little fix of the Italian lifestyle that we so miss from time to time. It’s our favourite little haunt, especially now that it’s had a cool make-over. If you’re in the area and feeling peckish for something different, do yourself a big favour and pop in and let Roberto serve you some fantastic flavours of Italy.

pasta paulie – fan of la Bottega


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