I tell you what’s rubbish, every frigging tv ad from Iceland featuring Peter Andre. They stink. I know the company’s run by a nitwit who interferes in all the marketing thinking and this campaign has meddling dipstick written all over it. What kind of chump actually thinks multi-millionaire Peter buys 8 burgers for £1 at Iceland? I’m guessing one of the same 1 million people who have apparently signed the petition for Jeremy Clarkson to be re-instated by the BBC after being suspended for punching a production minion on the show for not having his steak ready. Or UKIP voters as we call them these days.  And I can give you more examples of utter rubbish ….

Yesterday’s eclipse. I don’t care what it looked like in Madrid and Plymouth (as we were being tantalisingly shown  on ITV’s Good Morning Britain – which is also rubbish), in SW London it was rubbish. I remember the 1999 event and it was so dramatic. I know it was overcast yesterday but I was still looking forward to darkened skies and wintry temperatures. What did we get? A bit of cloud cover. Rubbish.

Toffifee. What kind of a name is that for a new chocolate confection? Rubbish.

Saturday morning terrestrial tv. It’s great if you like children’s cartoons, horse-racing or very old films. If you don’t, like me,  it’s totally rubbish. If Sky Sports offered deals in hourly blocks I’d be their best customer.

Twitter. Millions love it I know but it’s a rubbish platform to be frank. Since when did the news update ‘I’m just buying some Nurofen and a pack of new Always Ultra with wings’ become interesting? Like never. I must stop following TeddingtonMums. C really doesn’t like it.

Finally the new Lenor ad featuring Amy Sedaris. Who? Well she’s an American comedy actress  and ‘laundry expert’. Eh? I don’t know if all American women get dolled up like Amy to do the laundry. I suspect not but take a look at the ad and I bet you’ll agree with me that she looks like a US soccer mum who’s been recently divorced and just about to go out on her first newly-single date; she’s wearing a cute dress and clearly had her hair done and she sounds like she’s a bit excited. It’s not at the prospect of doing the frigging laundry is it?







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