Politics eh


Ah remember when life was full of hope and expectation? Apparently smiley Ed was writing his thank-you-for-the-keys-to-No-10 speech when those amazing BBC exit poll figures came out on election night forecasting a strong win for the Conservatives. It seems incredible now but all the smart money was on Miliband being invited by HRH to head up a coalition Government with the SNP. I’d love to know what happened to that draft.

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Interesting day

Well a truly interesting day. I picked up a message this morning from WordPress, the platform providers for my blog site, that it’s exactly 8 years since I started writing and ranting as Pasta Paulie, when we moved to Italy. Blimey. Around 845 separate posts, something over a million words and almost 280,000 visits later I’m still doing it and a few people still check by – thank you so much for your perseverance folks.  I’m now writing for a living as many will know – you’d have thought I’d have run out of opinions by now. No chance. Continue reading

BMW 320d em



Now what a lovely sight eh. This shot of the beautiful flowering cherry tree right outside the front door to our building was taken about two weeks ago. Imagine walking outside your front door in the morning and seeing this magnificent blossom.  Ah who doesn’t love the spring eh?

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I don’t get it

Did you hear the very sad news this week about the French chef who committed suicide following a restaurant critic’s savage reviews? It turns out he simply lost the huile d’olive.  Thank you I’m here all week….sorry, but it’s the best joke about olive oil that I know.  Anyway what’s the point? Well, although my good friend Simon told me that gag some time ago, I happened to come across someone on the internet this week who was being honest enough to admit that he just didn’t get the joke. And…?

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