Is there a doctor in the tank?

Well it’s some time since I’ve done a posting; we’re just so busy at the moment. And I’m getting more tired in the evenings these days – and to think I used to do all my blog postings after 10pm! That’s getting older for you. Anyway it’s Bake Off on the tv and whilst I don’t mind the women on the show I just can’t take to a man who clearly spends hours on his appearance and then talks earnestly about pastry-making and fairy cake textures (which I’ve written about before here and here  The bloke needs to take off his apron and ditch the boyish hair gel and get a job where there are some other men involved. He’s a hairdresser with a bottle of bicarb of soda rather than pair of scissors in his hands. Sorry ladies but he drives me nuts.

But his appearance gave me an excuse to hit the keyboard and the subject of my posting is, well take a look at this vehicle  parked next to me in the car park this afternoon…


It’s an emergency vehicle for a ‘fish medic’. Now we live in affluent SW London – we snuck in under the radar – and it’s v nice but not that snooty round here which is why we like it. But what the fu** is a fish medic and who the frig needs such a service? Is it commonplace in leafy Richmond to declare…. ‘Oh my God the goldfish we won at the fair is swimming upside down. Quick darling call the emergency fish medic and let’s pray that he can get here quickly and offer little goldie live-saving CPR!….’  Is that how it works? Or do customers of the normally excellent PK’s Fish bar in Twickenham feel the need to call anonymously to report that they’ve seen several cod being battered? Sorry…but who knows?

Don’t you think that we are living in strange times when it’s OK to become a celebrity berating people for their overly-doughy centres or for delivering an emergency call-out service for sick pets who have no sense of feeling? I’ve got to drop my innate cynicism and widen my perspective I think.


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