Toys, though not for the boys?

I read a recent article with almost disbelief. In the business news section it confirmed that Admiral, the car insurance group, has hit a new landmark, becoming the largest toy distributor in South Wales, its home base, thanks to the success of Brian the Robot. What? Yep, you see more than 200,000 Brians have been sent to customers buying insurance through its price-comparison website since it launched the promotion early this year. But this is small beer it seems compared to the numbers of meerkat fluffy toys and cuddly Churchill dogs being used to promote insurance sales. Unbelievable.

Now what possesses someone to choose an insurance policy not because it’s cheaper or more comprehensive but because with one comparison site you get a free one of these…?


I’ve been struggling with this but can only suggest that the answer is the absence of the Y chromosome. Yep I know this will sound reprehensible but I cannot think of one man (well maybe Dale Winton) who would choose insurance on this basis. Conversely I do know several women who think Brian the Robot is such a cute character and, no doubt, would love to have a tiny version all of their own. And give him pride of place on the bedside table.

Now just like Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing, in one of the great movie comments of all time (ahem), ‘when I’m wrong I say I’m wrong’. So do feel free to try and convince me I’m just being presumptively sexist dear readers. If 10,000 men respond by saying they’d like a little Brian toy too I’ll watch Dirty Dancing all the way through again.

prehistoric paulie?


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