Yes Noah

It’s been an interesting last few days for my family. My lovely daughter E started her new course at Oxford University as a mature student which made us all very proud. On Thursday my super grandson G had to have some important tests on a little condition he’s developed. Whilst concerning, the outcome was reassuringly very manageable, which was a huge relief. Then I had my 6 month review with my lovely oncologist which despite some recent niggles (see later posting!) went very well and, thankfully, I got another 6 month pass.

But the major news on the same busy day in our local hospital was that lovely daughter S gave birth to our youngest grandson and both mum and young fellah are doing really well, thank goodness. They came home yesterday afternoon and it was great to help welcome my two youngest grandsons to each other….

Noah and Elliott









We’re absolutely over the moon of course but I got the biggest buzz today to learn that my youngest grandson is to be named Noah Paul. Totally unexpected and I genuinely couldn’t be more proud and chuffed.



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