The stuff of nightmares

Now regular readers will be aware that I have a slight phobia about snakes. I damn near fainted watching the movie Snakes on a Plane even though I know that’s just a stupid film using computer generated imagery. But leafing through this morning’s i newspaper, this little article caught my eye…










Now this is the stuff that gets snakes a bad reputation. Why the hell would a snake want to slither through a sewage system and through a loo’s shit-stained u-bend only to sink its fangs into some poor soul’s dangling and defenceless john thomas? I can’t imagine the frigging motivation other than snake-spite for mankind. It’s like every nations’ hatred for English sporting teams. What did we do to deserve it (other than colonise two thirds of the known world)? Does everyone hate the Etruscans, Romans, Ottomans or Austro-Hungarians for doing the same thing thing (only on a smaller scale)? So irrational.

Back to snakes…I probably won’t sleep for a f*cking week now and I’ll never ever travel to Thailand. Arghhh!




Now you know you’re getting old when your children hit middle age, right? Well tomorrow we’re having a party for our lovely, beautiful, eldest daughter Rebecca who had her 40th birthday earlier this week. It’s a cliche but it really does seem like yesterday when we were waiting to take her home from the hospital after her birth. Where do the years go eh? I’ll stop with the well-worn phrases now.

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Tree fellers

Tree fellers? It could be how the 60’s Irish brothers singing group The Batchelors described themselves but I’m not sure I could write a decent blog about them. Having said that I did see one of these cast-your-mind-back tv programmes recently on young Lena Savaroni who won fame on the original tv talent show Opportunity Knocks. She was probably only about 10 or 11 and a regular performer on Saturday night tv at the time. This evening she elected to sing a duet with one of the Batchelors – the one with the moustache who looked a bit like one of the perm-haired Liverpool footballers from the 70’s, ie a bit seedy. He clutched the young short skirt-clad Lena in his arms whilst she had her legs around his waist as they sang this cheesey love song to each other. It made for some very awkward viewing especially as it was introduced by one of those creepy DJ presenters. Let’s just say it was a more innocent time. Well that’s my Batchelors story and as blogs go it’s a stinker so ‘tree fellers’ must refer to something else eh….

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