England lose, shock



So just when you thought your country was having a bad day, we went and topped it with a bloody display against Iceland in the Euro Championships which was abject. No that’s not strong enough. Over the years, watching England at major Championships since 1966 (with the exception of 1970 and 1996) has been utterly disappointing and depressing. But Monday’s performance was just the worst ever. It was shameful. And the Welsh football team were filmed laughing at us in celebration. Yes mocking from Wales, who last graced a major tournament when Perry Como had a hit with Magic Moments ie back in the Middle Ages.

So what went wrong? Well we had:

  • a clueless manager who’s been paid a salary of almost £4m (the highest pay of all the  managers at the Euros) to deliver incompetence
  • incoherent team selection (left-footed Sturridge played out wide on the right, Rooney played as a striker in the pre-tourno friendlies then as a midfielder once the event was underway, Wilshire played when unfit, full backs dropped when playing really well etc
  • an unfresh squad, tired from a long season and 3 pre-tournament friendlies in 10 days when they clearly needed a rest
  • players played out of position
  • players patently unfit
  • key players left out of the squad and back in the UK (Drinkwater, Townsend and Carroll for example) ie players who might have been fresher and given us options in midfield, out wide and up front
  • lack of commitment, mental toughness
  • hubristic egotistical attitude by all the players (and management staff) – they’re paid obscene amounts of money and act anything but professionally
  • no leadership on the field
  • no heart
  • no sense of teamness – they England squad never look like they enjoy being together nor the tournament experience
  • Sturridge/Hart = knobheads
  • too many changes in personnel
  • failure to learn lessions from each match
  • failure to take Iceland/Slovakia seriously
  • failure to defend, play creatively and strike effectively
  • rubbish FA – they had 60 plus rooms at the team hotel – why? for whom?
  • rubbish national anthem

I could go on for another hour but can’t be bothered to be honest. I’m just not going to be bothered watching in future. I’ll stick with sports that we are currenty pretty damn good at like rugby, cricket, cycling, boxing and England football manager dissing.




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