Germany win penalty shoot out, shock

Well this is a companion piece to the recent posting about England’s ignominious exit from the European Championships. Following that predictable debacle we’d become honorary supporters of the Italian team (it should be Wales but alone in my family I’m finding it hard to be generous to a nation who just dislike the English so much). We were baby-sitting our beautiful elder two grandsons last night and had everything in place (wine) as the Italians faced up to the mighty Germany. It was a tense match with both sides cancelling each other out in the first half. The second half was more exciting with goals from either side. Would extra time allow Italy to show themselves as Germany’s bogey team yet again?

Nope. Stalemate after 120 minutes with the score at 1-1. Oh lawd the dreaded penalty shoot out. Germany haven’t lost one since the Reformation. Would history be made with a shoot-out win for the pasta boys? Nope. The German’s ubermoan-arse and past terroriser of many an English defender, Thomas Muller, missed his penalty horrendously which made me whoop like a howler monkey and gave me tremendous heart. But that pillock Pelle tried to out-psych Deutschewunderkeeper Neuer on his walk-up by suggesting he’d do a Panenka chip, then proceeded to tippy tappy up to the ball before striking it tamely wide. My aunty Betty could have done better. Embarrassing. There were other misses but after that the outcome was inevitable. Jonas Hector scored the winning pen by shooting under the ageing Buffon’s body and this was the familiar scene at the end..


Sigh. It must be awful being a German footie fan don’t you think? 3 penalty misses today and they still came out victorious. So that’s still just one loss at a shoot out in 40 bloody years. That’s like 2 centuries in football terms. And all those semi-final/final appearances in major tournaments and quite a few wins too. Double sigh. So now I look forward to watching the match tonight hoping that Icelandic lightning might strike twice (though I sense it won’t). Come on you codboys.

Post script: sadly the codboys got battered…(sorry couldn’t resist)

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