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Well I had a bit of fun talking about Mike bumbling Bushell and other rubbish tv presenters the other day and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I’d finished I thought of several more who deserve some critical appraisal. So this is a bit of a post script posting and almost certainly not the last on the subject.

First up another BBC sports presenter who’s completely dull and uninteresting (where on earth do the BBC find them?).  It’s Sally Nugent, who seems to share the sports anchor on BBC Breakfast with less than magic Mike. Sally’s problem is that she always looks bloody miserable…

Sally Nugent

but, annoyingly, has then got to find the upside in any story. So when England got twotted out of the Euro Championships by a bunch of cod fishermen, rather than lambast the team and their useless manager Roy of the Pullovers as she should have done, she suddenly became an honorary Welshwoman and started gushing about wonderful Wales instead. Of course that was like 5 days after she’d been cooing about the wonderful England team for beating the afore-mentioned Welsh boyos. I’ve seen pancakes that flip less than Sally. And that insincerity really grates on me.

Next up a complete wacko. He’s another BBC presenter (of course) but he’s not in the sports team. No this guy somehow gets to present the early morning business reports. He’s Aaron Heslehurst, he’s Australian and he’s as mad as a wombat that drinks its own urine.  To say his presenting style is enthusiastically eccentric is an understatement. He’s reminds me of a big dopey galah telling dirty jokes around the BBQ. His always fidgetting and winking and his voice rises and falls like a drunken boxer. And I never remember a damn thing he’s said because his mannerisms are just so distracting. Have a look see…

At least he’s entertaining compared with sullen Sally.

However I have noticed one excellent presenter at the BBC watching all the news reports following the referendum vote and its fall out. To say it’s been an interesting few weeks on the political scene is another huge understatement. And Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s new political editor has been brilliant at getting the insightful interview with all the key players and relating her opinions eloquently.

Plus she’s a lot easier on the eye…













than those ugly boys Nick Robinson or John Pienaar amd especially that weirdo Andrew Neil who looks like a hungover Gene Hackman with a brillo pad stuck on his head…


Any presenters who drive you nuts?

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