Rio Trailers

It sounds like the name of a great salsa band or a new Man United defender. But Rio trailers is actually more prosaic; it’s a posting about two new film trailers for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games produced by the BBC and C4 respectively. I’ve only seen one twice and the other once and I’m spell-bound. No doubt I’ll be sick of them before the events but from this perspective they look fantastic.

Fisrt up the BBC trailer showing animals training in Rio’s Tijuca Forest. A gymnastic sloth, sprinting leopards, volleyball-playing monkeys, a weight-lifting armadillo, a hammer-throwing anteater and synchronised diving crocodiles all make an appearance in the film, which ends with the animals transforming into athletes surveying the Rio Olympic landscape. It’s just sensational…


Next up C4’s Rio Paralympic Games trailer. I don’t think I need to introduce it; it’s so brilliantly evocative. I love it…

Impressive huh?



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