Weight gain

I bet you’re probably thinking that’s an honest and effective title – just two words to describe all that’s happened to my body shape since those heady slim days in the 70’s. Well I have to admit it’s true. But I did’t think you’d be terribly interested in knowing more about my physique. But I caught sight of another gainer whilst browsing day time tv yesterday. And boy have the timbers been added on.

You must remember the programme Garden Force, the garden improvement presented by Alan Titchmarch assisted by Tommy Walsh and the girl who liked to let them swing freely Charlie Dimmock. It gave massive TV career boosts for all the participants, apart from the other girl who nobody can remember now. I do know of guys who really fancied Ms Dimmock and it was easy to see why. I always found her bloody whiney to be honest. I bet she was a real pain to work with. Anyway it must have gone completely under my tv radar but there she was on the telly yesterday presenting a new gardening programme called Garden Rescue which is about 4 people doing garden improvements. Oh how things have moved on creatively at the BBC. That didn’t really come as a shock, nor seeing Charlie in the main presenter role now. Some things never change; she’s still bloody whiney. But I tell you what she’ll never fit into a size 8 dress again. Blimey. I don’t want to come across all sizeist because I’m the last person to talk nor ungallant. It’s just so unusual to see a female tv presenter change shape so much, normally weight gain is the thing they’re all obsessional about not getting. In one sense it’s reassuring to see a woman live her life without bothering about how she looks. I just don’t know if that’s how she really feels.

All the same she’s back and here’s an official promo shot from the Radio Times no less on the new presenters…


You kind of have to believe that the costume budget for the programme wasn’t massive! Charlie’s outfit does nothing for her new figure but look at the bloke in the middle. He must have bought those clothes in a charity shop. It kind of makes you think that Tommy Walsh in his tight shorts wasn’t so bad after all. Shiver



2 thoughts on “Weight gain

  1. I saw that as well, and was a bit surprised – not in a bad way, but just thought that was a bit of weight-gain. She’s still good gardening telly though.
    The only similar shock I’ve had is seeing Alan Brazil – that sleek, ex-racing snake striker from Ipswich and Man U – holding court in a wine bar at the end of Bow Lane off Cheapside after his Talksport breakfast show (ie11.00 in the morning!). Fair play, and you’d probably had a hard morning, but not a good look.

    He’s piled it on. Good radio though.


    • Hi S
      I saw him at the Open at Troon some years ago and he looked a big mess – he’d only just got off the plane too. But he can be good fun on the radio as you say; his considered views, easy mastery of foreign names, highly intelligent co-presenters etc….

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