Dumb and dumber

I spotted something in the news the other day which made me hoot. It appears that Sherie Hewson, who regular visitors to this parish will know I regard as La Dipstick Grande, has decided to leave the TV show Loose Women. Apparently this is in consequence of it becoming too dumbed-down, by having the likes of Katie Price on the panel.  I haven’t watched the show in ages but it must be about as engaging as CBeebies if Sherie thinks the quality is slipping beneath her intellectual threshold.  Now that takes the biscuit! Blimey I’ve heard it all now.

Of course Sherie doesn’t cite this reason publicy – it’s a privately held view I understand. Instead we’re told how the show had taken over her life, pulling her away from her first love – acting and, get this, she even wants to have a crack at breaking America! Ha!

Sherrie, 65, said: “I had a chance to go to Hollywood early in my career but I turned it down and I always wondered whether I’d done the right thing. I have a friend who’s a casting director in LA and he sent me an email saying I’d be perfect for work over there now. He said they love British actresses who are older as we can still move our faces”

You’ve got to admire the old girl’s hutzpah.

“With all the things that had happened to me, I kind of let the acting go a bit. Loose Women became my life. That wasn’t good because what I am is an actress, that’s what I do for a living – and I’d let it slip through my fingers. That disturbed me a lot.”

Well to be fair almost all of her appearances on TV have disturbed me too. Including this shot of an emotional Sherie after announcing the news to her adoring public and fellow panellists…


Ahh. Never mind Sherie I’m sure they’re be tears of joy soon when Hollywood embraces you and casts you in the next series of Homeland or House of Cards. And I shall howl at the moon.


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