Hello again blogosphere….it’s been quite a while since I last did a posting. I kind of lost my writing mojo after my youngest brother passed away. Trying to produce some amusing and opinionated pieces just didn’t seem important for a while.  But time heals as they say, my brother’s children are getting on with life brilliantly and several kind folks have asked me to get back on the ranting horse. So here I am back in the saddle with some fantastic news for a change….

You know how proud I am of my daughters. Eldest daughter R continues to enjoy her independent lifestyle and has recently secured a new job as an assistant at a special needs school. Middle daughter E has recently taken the decision to widen the scope of her home accessories business and, with a tiny bit of help from dad, is currently building a lovely website all by herself (more news on this later). And my youngest daughter S recently won an important new client with her marketing agency and the result is that her London-based company will be opening an American office in New York. Exciting eh! But the really stunning news is that my daughter has been appointed President of the US operation and she and husband E and the family will be moving there in April to begin a new life and a great adventure I’m sure.

Now many of you will know that for some time C and I have been looking after S’s two lovely young sons, so you might imagine it’ll be a huge wrench for us to see the family move to the Big Apple. Well that’s very true but the last bit of news is that C and I will be moving to New York too, for 3 months, to help the guys settle in. It’ll be difficult for us not to see our other two daughters and our elder fab grandsons  (and son-in-law St of course) but we’ll be home by the end of June and will have more time to see everyone then too.

But for 3 months we’ll be living in another of the great cities in the world. I’m not sure my wife can quite believe it; we’ve visited NY numerous times and have good friends over there and we love the place. That young woman I whipped away from Steam town Carnforth and who followed me to Aberystwyth then London, a spell in lovely Italy and another period back in London, is going to fulfill one of her life’s ambitions and enjoy living Stateside.

And whilst in New York we’ll be living in Manhattan. S and E have spent ages looking at house options in Jersey and Connecticut but have decided to spend a little time with us enjoying the New York lifestyle before deciding on a longer term home out in commuterland. So we’ll be sharing an apartment in a lovely Brownstone home on the fringes of Harlem. The street we’ll live on sits between Dr Martin Luther King Boulevard and Malcolm X Ave. So it’s probably in the heart of the Irish community then. Ha!

So there we are, back on the blog with some nice news for a change. We’ll be leaving our lovely apartment here in late March and I might even set up a new diary blog on our time there (let’s face it there’ll be a lot to write about living in a land governed by a showboating nutcase) but hope to find some time to keep Pasta Paulie going too. Hope you’ll still be following folks. Statue of Liberty here we come…




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