Now I haven’t posted for a week or so. Run out of words? You’re joking – as I’ve said before I’m so full of it the stuff pours out of me. But in this tiny wee house we’ve got just one place where a tv or my desk top can sit. And of course the Big Apple wins. So now it conveniently doubles as our TV monitor thanks to the glory that is the iplayer. Now that’s all well and good but in the evening when I tend to do my website postings, the computer becomes our tv, so viewing triumphs over blogging. But tonight I’ve reverted to doing a posting on my mini iPad just like I did in New York. And it’s a right frigging faff.

Never mind it’s all coming back to me. And the subject of tonight’s posting? Well it’s about remembering. I could make a lame joke and say that I’d almost forgotten that yesterday was Remembrance Sunday but I woke up and to be honest it wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

Then I saw this lovely Facebook posting from my fab sister Hel who’d been to Layton Cemetry in Blackpool to put a poppy on my grandad’s grave and say a little prayer for him. He’d been very badly injured in (we believe) the Battle of Paschendale in WWI and was sent home smashed up physically, mentally and spiritually. Somehow he met and married the most wonderful person, my nan, and had 4 great children.  None of whom survive sadly. So it’s down to my generation to remember what they did, the sacrifices they made so that we could lie in and have a leisurely breakfast and read the Sunday papers. Comfortable, safe and leading a very civilised life, free from oppression and tyranny (well apart from Donald Trump).

Bloody hell I’d almost forgotten. So after reading Helen’s posting I decided to attend the local Remembrance Day parade in our local town’s little square. It was bitingly chilly but a sunny afternoon and you know what, little old Brackley put on a truly dignified show. Hundreds of kids and representatives from all the local associations and armed services came with their standards and wreaths. There were some tight respectful speeches, some great hymn singing including ‘O God our help in ages past’, the Dambusters March song. And of course Abide with me. Lots of prayers and anthems and the wreaths were laid as the head girl from the local school read out the names of the fallen and there were many.

But the bit that always gets me is the exhortation…

They shall not grown old as we that are left grow old;                                                            

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning                                                                      

We will remember them………we will remember them

Then the playing of the Last Post, the two minutes silence (beautifully observed) and finally the Reveille. It was a lovely experience and I felt proud. Then I realised this was the first Remembrance Day service I’d actually attended since I was a kid. That wasn’t such a proud moment but you’re never too old to learn a bit of humility eh.

Enough of the hair shirt, here are some images of the event. Well done little Brackley. But more importantly thank you Harold and all your heroic comrades.



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