Amazon: wham has gone

So I’m doing some consultancy for a local marketing company (it’s a great story for another posting) and they’re doing this Secret Santa thing for Xmas in the office and they’ve kindly invited me to join in. They’re all such young guys and I’ve just hit the one age that nobody wants to hit, ever, because you turn into this Old And Past it person. Argh. So I can remember events from back in the Middle Ages and I was drawn to get something interesting for a fascinating young woman who wasn’t even born when Glenn Hoddle lost his job as England manager and Tracy Emin exhibited her unmade bed at Tate Modern. Yes she’s that old.

Anyway I found something slightly amusing around the £5 price point and hopefully not unwelcome, online. I can’t say what in case one of the guys stumbles over my blog. But I ordered (ie paid for them) from Amazon 4 days ago on 24th November.  I plumped for standard  delivery believing that there would be plenty of time for the items to be delivered in time for our reveal event on 15 December, given that was 3 weeks ahead.  Then yesterday I got a message from Amazon saying the items had been ordered with the supplier and were available to be tracked. Excellent. Until I saw that the anticipated delivery date was 22 December. What? That’s virtually a month – who are they using for the delivery, SlothsMail? I was invited to email them with a comment and I did by asking if they could advise me of the address of the supplier because it would be f**king quicker to go there on foot to collect the items and bring them home, walking backwards in the dark.

I haven’t heard from them as yet. But I sense I’m going to have an anxious wait and then be disappointed and have to go and buy some crappy subsitute item on the morning of the reveal. Whilst the original items will no doubt arrive 5 minutes after I’ve left for the office and handed over the crummy replacement.

Is it just me or does this sort of thing typify what’s wrong with online shopping? Bloody Amazon.



2 thoughts on “Amazon: wham has gone

  1. Yeh Paul, my favourite time of the year. NOT! I always thought it best to get someone something that was useful and practical and all under a tenner. So trip to Costco for box of 8 x 1 litre Fairy washing up liquid for single girl Fiona. Only she had to lug them around the post-Christmas lunch bars. Next time all the hair shampoo and conditioner she could ever go through. Merry Christmas anyway!

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