Lonely Without You

Now readers of a certain vintage will know that we used to live in Buckingham before moving out to Italy. Seems like a long time ago and yet here we are living back in the Parish (well nearby). Now one of our neighbours then was one of the guys out of the band Mud (I think the drummer) who is sadly no longer tapping out a beat. Nor is lead singer Les Gray, equally sadly, who I can still see now on ToTP crooning along to how lonely he was at this time of year. Must have been those tiger feet of his.

And I sort of know how the lads must have felt as I’m all alone at home this Thanksgiving as my lovely wife Carol and daughter Emma are over in NYC visiting my other fab daughter Sarah husband E and gorgeous young grandsons Elliott and Noah, who of course we spent some time with earlier this year. I’ve been having lots of calls and facetime chats with everyone which has been great. And the guys have been doing a lot of sight-seeing and visiting old friends Shay and Marta as well as some old haunts like the wonderful Harlem Shake, my fave fast food restaurant in the world…

Ah. But more than anything I’ve really missed having C around. I’m OK with my own company (and my other grandsons were just down the road of course and son-in-law Steph made me a great Sunday dinner last night) and I’ve kept very busy but it’s just really miserable being alone isn’t it? I feel sorry for folks who have to adjust to life without a long-term partner and soul mate – like my father. Anyway C’s home tomorrow evening which will be great because as Les would have put it, it has been lonely without you.



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