Things I can do without



I’m always fascinated by people who like gadgets and the latest technology; it’s like they’re drawn to shiny new things like magpies. And I love to hear how essential these items are to their lives, as if everything up to this point has been empty and meaningless. Ha! You’re probably thinking from my tone that I’m being incredibly sceptical and dismissive but far from it. I sort of get it – after all you’ve often heard me rave on about my wonderful desktop, iphone and tablet – all from Apple. They are essential to me and I am gutted that my laptop has finally died. Plus I like German cars and reliable broadband service. So there you go, I’m not a complete technophobe. But there are certain things that I can happily live without….

First up all these Alexa units. We’ve just bought one for our fab grandson G who loves it (as does his mum) but I don’t get it, I really don’t. And yet I’ve spoken to several people now – mostly  women I hasten to add – who now count Alexa as one of their new BFFs. Amazing. What else? Well I have no interest whatsoever in game consoles and the shoot ’em up kinda games they feature. I’m sure over a third of the population probably now thinks I’m a complete twonk but there it is. And to add to their incredulity here’s a list of other technological items I’d be pretty unhappy to find in my Xmas sack:

  • virtual reality headsets (what’s wrong with real reality?)
  • tv’s with surround/ambient effects – why would you?
  • smart lighting systems for the home – which turn your rooms into offshoots of the Blackpool illuminations (and no doubt you can get Alexa to swich them off/on)
  • selfie sticks (a personal bete noire)
  • big blingy watches
  • boiling hot water taps
  • digital shower controls
  • kindles (I do see the benefits but I’m a complete book nut and prefer the analogue reading version)
  • those earphones that look like fags sticking out of your ears
  • head cams
  • fitbit watches
  • hive units – just switch the heating on/off
  • finger spinners – what is the point?

So there you are. Call me Luddite Leonard. I know this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s just my top-of-the-head thoughts. If you’ve got similar technological no-no’s I’d love to hear about them


ps the very next email to pop up into my inbox was a link to ebay electronics featuring lots and lots of useless gadgets. Irony or sinister marketing?


8 thoughts on “Things I can do without

  1. 100% agree , Paul. Well almost. I use my fit bit watch a lot and it is very good for training.
    Otherwise all this stuff is designed to enhance or improve our lives , while at the same time distancing us from nature and many simple pleasures.
    A wonderful walk by the water , the feel of a book in your hands and many more.

    • Hi M
      As a sportswoman I obviously get you need the Fitbit but my issue is people like myself – I just enjoy a walk and do it ’til I’m sated. You’re an analogue girls after my own heart M

  2. Hi Paul great post as always and totally agree. Well, almost. Love Apple products, make life simple. My iMac talks to my MacBook and that talks to the iPad and they link to the iPhones. I cannot stand, albeit I’m too stupid, to work Windows PC. Don’t see the purpose of the watch though but maybe that’s a technology leap too far for me.

    Voice activation is a no-no. Siri only recognises Apple products and services and trying to use the microphone on Amazon Fire!

    But I am hooked on the new wave of TVs. Only don’t understand the difference ibetween Dolby Vision and HDR10 or Atmos now going to be available over my Apple TV

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