So here’s the thing. We’ve been watching the BBC’s Springwatch programme from the Sherbourne estate in the Cotswolds. We love its capturing of the nature scene at this most fertile time of the year. The features on the birdlife are especially captivating. But this posting isn’t about the nature; it’s about the bloody BBCness that pervades the programme. It’s like watching a  Corbynista nature park. Let me explain…

First off it used to be presented by 3 people all white, two males and one woman, all fairly attractive. I admit it wasn’t representative but they have changed the line-up from time-to-time but maybe not enough. I was very happy when Bill Oddie left because he’s just odd. Kate Humble was a loss and Michaela isn’t nearly as charismatic. To be honest I would have liked to have seen some truly different presenting faces before now but I kinda liked the existing line-up apart from Chris Packham who is a weird little creature. Informed yes but a creepy, misogynistic, self-regarding little dickhead who the BBC seems to love. He can do no wrong in their eyes it seems; having many opportunities to present different programmes on the channel including features on his admitted issues. I hate that they overlook his rude conceited over-bearingness and give him platforms to explain his personal stuff. He’s a nature presenter and that’s all I want to hear from him – his insight. But you get opinion, preferences, conditions, likes and personal dislikes and I think it’s unwelcome and inappropriate to be honest.

After many years with the balance of presenters being 2+1 all white, the BBC have decided to change things in this latest series. The second bloke, Martin Hughes-Games, has gone and been replaced by a black woman who is so attractive and interesting and a young black assistant presenter, who’s less compellingly informative.  I like them both but am not sure either are better at presenting natural issues than poor old MH-G and the chemistry has disappeared from the show (for now).  I hope it improves in the future.

I’ve poked fun at MH-G in the past for his earlier ridiculous hair-length but I liked his friendly natural informative presenting style. Given a choice I’d far rather he’d stayed rather than the annoyingly insufferable Packham. But clearly he, Martin, isn’t BBC enough. It’s a condition that lets lousy presenters to get paid ludicrous amounts for being objectionable. We all know loads of BBC people who fall into this category. And at the same time some new PC rules are being applied to ensure that every programme has its acceptable quota of minorities in front of the cameras, irregardless of talent. It looks like quota-ism at times. What is it about our great broadcasting institution that allows this to happen? Too many white, waspish, worried, weak people at the top and not enough strong genuinely representative people in control? As a channel C4 seem to introduce minority representation without fanfare and far more effectively. Just look at the stuff they’ve done on disability and gay/cross gender programming.

I’ve loved the camera work (and hated the low-tech graph cards etc) and it has ben as compelling as ever but Springwatch is over for another year but I just wish that one of those white-tailed eagles or goshawks could have swooped down and swept away that preening smug little twonk Packham but sadly he escaped to survive many more years presenting on the BBC. Sigh




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