Well these were some of the gloriously happy scenes that greeted England’s victory over Sweden on Saturday, repeated up and down the country. We watched the match at my brother’s place and what a super day. And  it happened the day after my lovely sis H got married to J which was also a great day. So a fantastic few days eh, especially for us. But the great thing is the effect England’s progress is having generally. Everyone seems to be up for it and excited at the prospect of tonight semi-final against Croatia. Shop assistants, waiters, check out girls. Everyone wants to know where are you watching it. I guess it’s that history in the making thing. Well at least potentially because a loss tonight will be gutting. Well except for maybe a few people in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia etc etc.

So for a few hours, and hopefully days, more a feeling of euphoria abounds. People are happy and elated. Proud to be supporting England for a change and super impressed with the leadership of the management team and the seeming modesty and lack of ego amongst the team itself. A team whose backgrounds reflect the face of contemporary England I’d suggest. To think, but for a couple of bottles of red wine, we could still have Allardyce in charge picking Rooney over Dele Alli and asking him to knock long balls up to Andy Carroll. Shudder…

But just as everything is going so well football-wise and mood-wise in the country, what on earth is happening in Government on Brexit? Have you ever seen anything so shambolic. Do you have any idea what our leaders are trying to achieve, by when and with what success (ha!) so far? It can’t be good can it in a week which sees the lead negotiator on Brexit resign on principle to be followed by the buffoon of a Foreign Secretary who gets replaced by that fu*kwit Jeremy Hunt. If the PM manages to create disaster in the midst of a period of social happiness, surely there is no other recourse but to resign. And have another election on the whole issue. It’s turning into a farce. Once upon a time it was the hopeless efforts of our national football team that were mocked universally. Now it’s our Government. Very very sad.



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