The Sopranos – mi piace tantissimo!

Here’s a little sequence of coincidences. One of the delights I get when over in Italy is going through our box set of the Sopranos. I love the programme but usually just watch it by myself first thing in the morning or later at night. Believe it or not it is 20 years since it first aired and it remains a great example of intriguing plot lines and brilliant acting. The series ended in 2007 and I’ve re-watched all the episodes several times since then but I never get bored with it. During our recent visit I managed to get through series 1 and 2 and most of series 3 – the early days when Livia was such a major psychological influence in the life of her son Tony, played superbly and with constant brooding menace by James Gandolfini…

He died in 2013. Sadly missed eh. But what’s the coincidence?  Well, going over on the plane I read that they are to make a Soprano’s film as a prequel to the TV series, starring James Gandolfini’s son Michael in the lead role. Umm. I’m not sure if I fancy it or not to be honest. I tend to like my movies grown up rather than adolescent, and cannot imagine that it’ll get close to being another Godfather II,  but let’s see before passing judgement.

Then upon returning to the UK I was going through a recent issue of the Architectural Journal, as you do, to discover that the New Jersey house which they used in the tv series as the Soprano family home is up for sale. Well there’s a thing. According to the blurb it’s on the market for $3.4 million—and it has everything you’d expect from the house of Tony Soprano; located in North Caldwell, NJ, the 5,600-square-foot mansion has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, two two-car garages, and a separate guest house spread over 1.46 acres. The large kitchen has some new cream-coloured cabinetry, but the setup with an island and bar stools (where many pivotal scenes took place) remains the same. The great room, with its signature octagonal vaulted ceiling and white stone fireplace, is pretty much identical to when the show was filmed. Plus, it leads to the outdoor patio where much of the drama unfolded. In fact the house was used for filming between 30 and 50 times over the show’s eight years on air, and was one of 150 locations considered for the Sopranos’ home.


Because of its place in TV history, the owners Patti and Victor Recchia (who actually sound like characters from the series)  are forgoing a real estate agent and selling the home themselves. While similar houses in the area go for around $1.5 million, they’re asking for much more given its Hollywood status. ‘Those things can be quantified, but I don’t think you can quantify the intrinsic value of this home’ Victor is reported to have said, somewhat contradictorily if you ask me.

Well just in case you’re interested Patti and Victor invite you to submit offers via email to with proof of funds by June 21. Whadayagunnado? If you haven’t got a spare $3m hidden in the bird seed box then maybe best to fuggedaboudid….and just watch that sensational theme song instead…



2 thoughts on “The Sopranos – mi piace tantissimo!

  1. Hi P, great to see you back posting. Was a bit glum returning from sunny Italia to the rain sodden “flaming June” of old Blighty. Then joy of joys P.P. is back with his traditional wit and acerbic comments.
    Just been playing catch up (and haven’t you been busy) and in an earlier post you said that you had missed all the good stuff that you could have written about whilst you were off line. Well, what with the news today re the Leadership election I think that you will have more than enough to get your teeth into over the next few months.
    Looking forward to some interesting posts.
    J and C.

    • Hi amici
      I know what you mean about the weather shift. Italy was just glorious and it’s been properly cack here since we arrived – wet and cold. Apparently the miserable spell is due to end in 2020. Hey ho. Anyway thank you as ever for the kind comments. In tribute to your suggestion I’ll try and do something interesting on the Conservative Party candidates if that’s not an oxymoronic ambition.
      Looking forward to seeing you next weekend – have a safe journey down.

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