Cynical, who me?

Well I watched the daily cv-19 briefing at 5pm and noted that the Government are talking confidently about achieving the Health Secretary’s target of 100,000 tests per day by the end of the month. Hurrah! Except it’s not exactly in terms of actual tests, instead they are now tweaking it to say that they’ll have the capacity to test that number. Ahh. So they’ll have 100,000 cotton buds in stock to take swabs but nowhere near enough nurses and the other medically-trained people to take the tests and process them. It’s not quite the same thing is it?

But hey Hancock’s promised a figure and one way or another he’ll make sure that the end of April headline is 100,000 testing thingies available as he kind of pledged. Even if it means that far fewer than 50,000 people will actually be tested per day by then. You see in the wonderful world of politics to pledge actually means to renege. Look at any election manifesto – it’s junked on the first morning after victory. Oh why can’t we have more honest, genuine politicians in this country like PM Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and even perhaps President Macron of France?  Because Westminster’s a sewerage farm. They just process shit.

Then I did the applause thing for NHS workers (albeit a little after 8pm) and I was the only participant on our little complex of possibly 30 people. Hey ho. I guess happy-clappiness can wear thin quite quickly. Never mind, I tuned in to the Big Night In thingy on tv. Now recent readers will know I’m a self-confessed anti-fan of charity activity because I think it’s a sign that Gov’t is failing in its duty, which charitable actions can mask. But I thought, give it a chance.

I don’t know why. First up it was presented by utterly nice but slightly dull Matt Baker and utterly immodest and slightly unhinged Davina McCall, who was wearing a yellow ensemble that was great from the front but I noticed a bit too clingy (and I know this going to sound incredibly ungallant and possibly sexist) around the hips and thighs of a 50+ year old woman. Look I think her figure is great but clothes should complement not fight against your form imho. Interestingly I cannot recall what MB was wearing at all – why is that?

Anyway the couple were not exactly a match made in heaven – he’s too squeaky clean and she’s too screechy. The first guest I saw them introduce was David Walliams, the BGT/ Little Britain co-star. I’m not a fan. But I was prepared to listen to what his contribution would be. Well he described that he was in the middle of writing his latest children’s book and was prepared to have somebody bid for having their name embraced within the story. Wow. But hey he would also give the lucky winner a video call and let them have signed copies of his earlier books. OMG so generous.

Now you can call me cynical but Walliams gets invaluable primetime exposure for his new kids’ book whilst keeping his public profile high. And in return he offers completely jack shit in terms of personal cost and effort. I switched over to the ever-giving Grand Designs repeat.

Is it just me or is anybody else offended by celebrity shite bags, especially in the current environment, who are claiming to be supportive of the NHS and key workers but really are publicising their latest crap project or just desperately maintaining media profile via the BBC? No of course they are just supporting their co-workers on the front line. Yeh right on brothers.

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2 thoughts on “Cynical, who me?

  1. Hey Paul, you were too busy looking at Davina McCalls’ backside to notice what MB was wearing, well it was a very nicely cut single breasted suit and tie. We aren’t all fixated by middle aged ladies posteriors. Reasonable turnout on our avenue at 8pm but the rattle was somewhat overshadowed by a few members of the Accrington Pipe Band who put on a pretty good show.
    Is it McCalls’ or McCall’s I am never quite sure. I did pass the English Language GCE but can never remember the basics.
    Just been speaking to a Muslim acquaintance who has started his Ramadan fasting today. At least we don’t have to put up with that inconvenience and can continue to console ourselves with frequent visits to the fridge.

    • Hi John

      Thanks for checking y and the super comments as ever mate. If they’d had a University degree in checking out womens’ bottoms instead of international Politics and History, I would have walked a First with Distinction ha!. I know what you mean about the fridge. I think my waistline had gone up to 32” already. I wish.

      take care and stay safe guys

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