Test data


So it appeared from yesterday’s briefing that the number of daily tests went up from just over 50,000 on 28th to more than 80,000 on 29th. Blimey that’s an astonishing 60% increase in a single day, a huge jump, but I didn’t catch a single note of comment on it. That’s a massive leap forward in achieving Mr Hancock’s target. But not one bit of hoopla. Odd? I just hope they aren’t doing tests for the sake of delivering a number such as compulsory testing for all army personnel. I’m not saying army people aren’t important (and I just made that idea up of course for the sake of context ) but let’s just pray these new tests are being carried out on people who are in greatest need of them – frontline staff, new admissions, key workers and their families, recent victims previously untested etc.

The Health Secretary’s commitment to 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month was widely welcomed but of course it’s not the 250,000 Boris Johnson promised earlier, a patently ridiculous amount given the inadequate testing resources available. Hey both guys like to showboat a bit let’s face it. In reality a precise target figure doesn’t matter; it’s whether we’re doing enough. Germany, which has been widely praised for carrying out vigorous testing, conducts around 50,000 tests per day and look at the success they’ve had in containing the spread of the virus.

Let’s just drop making extravagant claims and get on with achieving better results each and every day.



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