More surprises

Well my last posting on the subject of surprise endings took a while to get going. To be honest  I was scratching around for inspiration until Mr Josh happily popped into my mind. I was actually going to write about two quite separate subjects before that and I might still get round to them later.  But the surprise thing seemed to resonate with me and it might have been a little  intuitive because lo and behold we were delighted by some more surprises which are worth sharing I hope.

First up our great friends in the US, S and M (and those are their initials rather than sexual preferences) out of the blue sent us a lovely print of our two young NY-based grandsons…

It’s taken from a photo of the boys on holiday in Florida and was commissioned by my top son-in-law E  as one of our daughter S’s pressies for her birthday. Their New York based marketing agency, Sense, has been producing a series of images linked to the idea of resilience and toughing things out which just seems so apt at the moment. This image was done by the same illustrator designing the main images…

They are all bright and positive and make great wall art. You can actually check out the series and download them for free. Just follow this link:

Now we actually love the image of the boys, especially that little plaster on one of the boy’s feet, and it was such a thrill to receive it. We should have been with them right now out in NY as you know, and I think S&M appreciated this and how much we’re missing our family, and did this to give us a bit of a boost at this trying time. How decent eh.

And then I heard from M that surprise, surprise an image of the two of them kayaking out on the water near where they live in beautiful Connecticut had been picked up by a New York newspaper and included on a feature of some delightful east coast towns to visit. Here’s the pic of S&M having some fun. You should know M is an accomplished and a medal-winning oarswoman and seeing her (and S) paddling away quite gently is very unusual. But they look like they’re having a great time and look at the setting…


Here’s a link to the article if you’re interested…

If you do ever get the chance to visit their lovely home town of Branford CT you won’t be disappointed.

Finally news of another old mate John whose name I can quote as he’s a welcome commentator on the postings and you’re sure to have seen his kind and fun comments if you’re a regular reader. John is based in Hebden Bridge but he and lovely wife C are also neighbours of our in Italy. Over the last few years we’ve become very close to them – emotionally as well as geographically –  and we count them as true friends. They’ve helped us out in all sorts of ways and we get on and laugh loads when we get together. Anyway John’s a bit old school like me and I’ve never seen him out and about without having a shave. It’s just something we old northern lads were brought up to do. On my recent posting about my hair (or rather lack of it), John added a top story about his dad cutting his hair and he happened to mention that during the lockdown he’s taken to sporting a beard and moustache. Wow. I asked C if she could send us a pic of John and as we guessed he’d look fantastically distinguished. It really suits him but he’s too modest and would rather I didn’t post the piccie to show you. But what a delightful surprise to see him sporting ‘a full set’  and looking so well and rather eminent.

Stay well old friends



2 thoughts on “More surprises

  1. Cheers Paul, lovely comments. I can’t really get you “out of my hair” as I see you every morning when I go downstairs and again every night when I go back up to bed. On the staircase we have that fantastic photograph of you and me in hysterics as you told the Dave bakery saga one evening when we were in Italy. I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack, never before or since have I laughed so much and it remains for me THE highlight of our time at Casa Emma.
    Thanks for your friendship.
    Love to C.

    • Ha! That was a great night John, I still smile thinking about it. Good friends and we’re still pals with Dave, flour or not.

      Love to C


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