Little kindnesses

So I received a parcel today from my old mate Shay containing this…

It’s the match programme from the England v Sweden game played at Wembley in May 1968. Shay knows that I’m a fan of Sir Bobby Charlton who played a big part in this game, scoring one of his trademark screamer goals. It’s from his own collection of course and a really nice gesture. He’d like me to pass it on to my grandsons here as they are big footie fans. They may be surprised to learn that one of England’s greatest ever players had a comb-over to rival the lead guy in George and Mildred. It’s not very Pogbaesque but can Pogba score goals like this…

Many thanks mate


6 thoughts on “Little kindnesses

  1. A pleasure dear friend. It was a ‘proper corker’ as they used to say. The late great Cyril’s shot with his ‘wrong’ foot that hit the x-bar in the 2nd half was pretty tasty too.

  2. Makes me weep Paul. Back in 67 when Scotland became the new world champions after beating England at Wembley (well, we tried to claim that title!) a friend gave me a copy off the match day programme signed by all the players. The centre fold had them all in their positions with their signatures. I recall his uncle was involved with the SFA and had just returned from London. Sadly, I binned it at some point during a clear out when my parents were moving house.

  3. I feel your pain Ian. My elder brother went to some big ‘do’ in London back in the day where the England 1966 WC team were present. He got a bunch of autographs on the programme and a loose page. I can’t find either any more …….

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