Early morning scheduling

So as regular readers may know I’m a bit of a creature of habit. And one of the regular features in my life is the early morning routine. Carol and I are early risers and usually downstairs by 6.30am or so. It’s usually a cuppa for Carol then at one minute to 7am it’s Converse sneakers on and I pop out and over to the little Co-op store in the market square to be first through the door to go and pick up my morning paper, the i. And occasionally some milk.

I never said we led a breathless exciting life. Well not these days. Back home I make the breakfast, then settle down to read the paper, do the crossword, jigsawdoku, idoku, the codeword and various other puzzles. And while all this is happening I tune in to the American sitcoms on C4. They run two/three episodes of various shows which they change around ever so often. Some I really enjoy and others less so. I never liked 3rd Rock From the Sun which is no longer on and Cheers which is currently running looks very dated now. Mike and Molly I really enjoy. But the anchor shows which have been running for years – C4 run the whole series then simply repeat them from he start – are Everybody Loves Raymond and Frasier. 

Now I quite like ELR but I love Frasier. I think it’s just brilliantly scripted and acted (well until the very last series which got a bit crazy and laboured in places) and I’ve probably watched every episode at least 10 times over. It doesn’t matter. Carol never liked ELR so I have had to watch that on my iPad mini and earphones. But just recently the world changed when C4 took ELR off the schedule – sticking it on Saturday mornings only. They replaced it with The Big Bang Theory which is ok. I quite liked the early episodes when Penny looked so fresh looking but it too becomes just too tedious to watch at times.

So my morning scheduling is all to cock. But redemption arrived when I discovered that Sky (which I have on my iPad mini) are running back episodes of the whole series of the sharpest, smartest US sitcom of all time, Will & Grace. I just love this programme which absolutely broke the mould in promoting gay issues. It’s hard to believe that it’s over 20 years since it first aired yet it’s dialogue and plot lines remain fresh to view and the script writers bang almost as many dry and funny lines into each show as Jack has lovers. The stars are Will & Grace but every episode gets stolen by the under characters Jack and Karen.

So I’m happy again with my early morning scheduling. Wey hey. Here are some great Jack moments for you to enjoy…



2 thoughts on “Early morning scheduling

  1. I loved the early series of Frasier ( the later ones less so) but the lines ; “I met a girl last night….” “…and so did she !” are still my favourite.

    • Ha Yes thanks L. I remember it well but I now have to try and remember from which episode! Argh. Hope you guys are al well L. tay safe


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