Guess what folks….

Bear with me on this one. A few days ago Carol and I had to pop out for an early lunch to our local restaurant. I was doing quite a bit of work for them before lock-down but haven’t heard a squeak from them since they re-opened. Hey ho. But let’s not bear grudges eh. We each chose to have their fishfinger/goujon sandwich. They have a new chef so we were interested to know whether they’d be as good as previously. Well when they arrived we were gob-smacked. The fish bit was generous but that was accompanied by a helping of salad bedded between two slabs of crusty granary bread at least an inch thick per slice. Then the two halves were placed on top of each other and skewered with a long cocktail stick. We’d ordered one apiece and each stood over 6” high. It was pretty spectacular and a bit more than we were expecting to be honest. So we decided to just share the two halves of one of the sandwiches and asked them to doggy bag the other. I wished I’d taken a picture to show you. The image below is from the internet – imagine the bread about twice as thick and it’d be close…

But you might get an appreciation of the scale of the sandwich when I tell you we waited several minutes after paying for the doggy bag to arrive. Eventually it did of course and we headed home with the less-than-exciting thought that dinner was likely to consist of the second helping from lunch. Hey ho again. Now I’m not spoofing when I show you this picture I took of the foil they’d had to use to wrap the sandwich. Here it is on our dining table…

That’s over 3ft of foil. If you look closely you can make out the oblong-shaped indentations about 7″ long which was the thickness of the two halves of the sandwich. It took us several days before we could face bread again.

Now you’re probably thinking that fat sarnies, however tasty, aren’t exactly a riveting topic for a posting. And you’d be right. I’ve pretty much exhausted my knowledge of fishfingerdom now. But the sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I said we ‘had’ to go out for an early lunch. The reason is that we had to skidaddle to allow somebody to view the house. You see the owner of our property has had a tough lock-down and needs to sell. I’d say hey ho again but it’s more like an argghhh. We’ve loved living here and once again we find ourselves on the move. And so dear friends and family it won’t be long before we are yet again notifying you of a change of address. We really do deserve to be sponsored by Letts or Collins as our many moves must have led to dozens of new address books being purchased by our long-suffering contacts. Sorry folks.

We have found a new property we fancy about 45 minutes away which will see us move a little further north. I don’t want to tempt fate by saying where as yet because there’s a whole loop of referencing we have to go through before we get accepted  but fishfingers crossed it’ll work out ok for us. It will mean we will be a little further away from our fab daughters and grandsons (and son-in-law of course) but the setting is very nice and historically fascinating. A brave new world perhaps.


4 thoughts on “Guess what folks….

  1. Hey Paul. Great to hear that you can still get fishfinger sandwiches down South, even though they come on posh, doorstep, granary bread. Sorry to hear that you are having to move again because it is such a pain in the a–e. I think you are the only friends to have come anywhere near the number of houses that we have rented/bought, so its good to know somebody else appreciates the stresses and strains involved. Big hug and kiss for Carol and happy lockdown from Wales!

    • Hey hi Phil
      Thanks for checking by mate and for the nice comments. Yep moving again. It really is a painful exercise – not least all the bloody companies/organisations you have to notify of the change of address. The DVLA must think we are Tuareg nomads.

      We also seem to have a knack of choosing a style of furniture which is great for the current place but totally unsuited to the new property. So everytime we seem to change from country rustic to chateau chic to industrial-edged etc. I think we’ll be heading back to IKEA for the new place – precisely the furnishings we had before country rustic. Hey ho.

      Anyway hope you guys are well. The wedding looked fab. But lock-down must be a real pain again. I can’t believe that the Assembly are stopping the sale of non-essential items in Welsh supermarkets. It just seems ridiculous. I sometimes feel that we are being treated like idiots. By people like that fuckwit Matt Hancock.

      take care guys and love to Lynne and all the family

  2. Hey Paul – sorry to hear about the move – will you officially be ‘up north’ again now? We’re in our 12th abode since we got married if you’re counting
    Good luck mate

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