So last night was the final Match of the Day programme of this extraordinary football season. Although the Premiership title and relegation had already been decided there were enough final day issues to make this a really enjoyable show; Champions league places to resolve, players’ final matches, managers leaving, careers over and so on.

I was slightly disappointed that Chelsea lost and still ended up in the Champs League finishing in the top 4 at the expense of Leicester – who suffered the same fate last year. And Liverpool qualified too damn. But the highlight of my evening was not as you’d suppose, watching the latest young talent at Man Utd score a lovely header, but to hear Jonathan Pearce’s commentary at the end of the West Ham match as they beat Southampton 3-0. By doing so they finished 6th and qualified for the Europa league. An excited Pearce exclaimed ‘that’s the first time West Ham will take on Europe since 1617’. Wow imagine that, the ‘appy ‘ammers and the Boleyn boys taking part in the 30 Years War. Who’da thunk it? Actually I can imagine it ha!

Roll on Blackpool in the Div 1 playoff final, Man U’s final v Villareal, the Euro Championships and next season with the crowds back.



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