Public enemy no 1

So this is an unhappy little posting to be sure but I’m interested to know who you feel is our most disliked bloke. I would have included female candidates but who would possibly qualify ahead of the likes of Michael Gove, Nicola Sturgeon? Surely she’s a marmite character, as much admired as detested. Katie Hopkins? Surely irrelevant these days. Amanda Holden? In my top 3 but only because she’s so frigging vacuous. But I could also list dozens of z-lister women who like Amanda H are needy and pathetic but who are harmless and have an audience for some reason.

No this is about the crappest men in public life, the ones who you have absolutely no respect for.  Now I have to declare a bit of a position here.  I’m not just referring to men whose opinions I don’t like nor share. Because everyone’s entitled to an opinion and was it Voltaire who said it’s up to ever one of us to respect his right to express that? Except when it becomes racist or homophobic or misogynistic or hateful etc. So I’d have to rule out people like Piers Morgan and other egotists like him eg Jeremy Clarkson and that toe nail Noel Edmond. Heavily influenced by the likes of that total twat brain Trump they are gobby and again attract an audience but you suspect are just doing it for effect and the money and deep down are just public school fuckwits (except Edmonds who’s just a smeg).

I’m talking about potentially dangerous people. People who could actually control your lives to some extent but whom you cannot trust:

  • Corbyn would have been one of them too but he’d disappeared off the scene for good thankfully
  • ditto Nigel Farage
  • Michael Gove is up there for me because he is so lizardly creepy and you sense he’s just waiting for Johnson to fail for his chance to steal the top job by slithery stealth. Very dangerous egotist.
  • Princess Anne – apologies I’ve just remembered a rather cold, detestable  female candidate
  • Boris Johnson, the PM of course, who has been the most dithering  leader in peacetime. I hate his bumbling scruffy-haired facade. Many of those 130k covid deaths are down to his indecisiveness
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Fb) Sundar Pichai( CEO Google), Tim Cook (Apple) – I just know they’re listening in to my life
  • Dominic Cummings  – so a toad, wanker, grass or a hero?
  • Donald Trump – I do not like the thought he might be bidding again in 3/4 years’ time and I certainly do not like the word retard to describe his mental capacity for all sorts of reasons but I could make an exception to describe this ex-President’s emotional capability for high office.
  • Matt Hancock – he’s my personal  favourite for the crappest bloke in the UK based on his atrocious performance over PPE supply, track and trace, testing and vaccinations. Cummings said he should have been sacked up to 20 times. For lying essentially.

So how you’re going to vote?




4 thoughts on “Public enemy no 1

  1. Another enjoyable read Paul. One name stands head and shoulders above all others for me. Wee Nicky. The most dangerous person in political circles. Sees no benefit in Edinburgh having a strong financial sector. Royal Bank has already nailed its colours to the mast and will be off if Scotland gain independence. Oh, and she won’t be paying back any of the billions received through the vaccination programme and furlough scheme. Still wants the annual £15bn as part of the Barnett Formula. Viper. I think it’s only a super injunction that has prevented other allegations about her private life being exposed.

    • Hi Al

      Great to hear from you mate. Hope all’s well with you guys. That’s two votes for la Sturgeon – she really does inspire a Marmite reaction. Do you ever wonder what she’s like in the sack? Yes I admit it’s terribly sexist but you can’t help wonder if she’s as prim as she comes across publicly. Terrible manness I know but hey we’re only having some fun.

      Stay well old friend


  2. Hey Paul, been feeling a bit sorry for my self after the Covid and my hip giving me hell ( couldn’t walk without the stick etc) so got behind with your posts. Yesterday I had the cortisone injections into my hip in Hospital and what a difference a day makes, most pain gone and mobility improved so just had an enjoyable couple of hours catching up on your contributions to English literature. I passed the 11plus but was sent to the Secondary Technical School where the headmaster tried to convince us that we were better than the local Grammar where they studied Latin whilst we did Technical Drawing and Surveying. We always hammered them at football and athletics with me the fastest right winger (without the ball) and the town 100 yds and 200 yds champion. The cockiness was knocked out of me at the old White City sports track in Manchester when I came up against the 6ft city boys in the inter town championships and got soundly beaten. As you recall we all remember those charismatic (or otherwise) teachers and “Basher Tempest” springs to mind, if we used an unsharpened or soft pencil in technical drawing he would bounce a very sharp 3H or something off our heads and the headmaster was not averse to a spot of corporal punishment, hands only, no bottoms. Oh those halcyon days of studded football boots and laced up leather balls on a mud soaked school field.
    As to football, well done to the Tangerines getting back to where they belong. Who knows the old days of Matthews and Mortenson could be just around the corner.
    As to bear baiting our betters The Scottish Vixen gets my vote, sex doesn’t matter now that there are no he’s or she’s and we are all non binary, followed closely by your ever present Matteo Hancockiness.
    Hope you and C are keeping well and enjoying life with the Bard.

    • Ah lovely to hear from you John and delighted that the cortisone injections have worked and the pain has eased. If only we could run a 100 yds in around 10 seconds again eh mate. Some lovely memories mate.Basher Tempest sounds like a corker. He’d be run out of school these days of course. That’s two votes for la Sturgeon. Interesting!

      All good here mate in Bardland though both Carol and I working v hard at the moment. You’d be v welcome to come and stay if you fancied – it’s a lovely setting. Caz has her 2nd eye op on Friday, not pleasant but will be successful I’m sure.

      Anyway stay safe and well old friend. Love to C


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