So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, fuck off Hancock

Well a challenging title for this posting but one that I’ve been hoping to write for soooo long. Today it was with some delight that I heard that the Secretary of State for Hypocracy sorry Health had resigned after being caught on video camera snogging his aide. This was after the twathead had insisted that I (and millions of others similarly) couldn’t hug my daughters for months on end as part of the protection against the virus. And there he was all the time snorkelling down the throat of a married female employee he’d known from Uni and had recruited at significant public cost to be his close personal aide. Ah it’s good to know that good old Tory sleaze is alive and licking. Of course the Prime Minister said only yesterday that he had accepted the Minister’s apology and that as far as he was concerned the matter was completely over. A bit of infidelity, pah Boris does that for breakfast. Hypocracy? That’s just a Greek word for political expediency. So for the PM it was nothing to see here, carry on snogging Minister.

Sigh. Don’t you despair of this Government? I’ve always loved that piece From Life of Brian where a group of Judean dissidents ask, ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’ And the answer of course was …well… sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, public health etc etc. Apart from that nothing. I’m not trying to provoke a political debate here but I’m tempted to ask, since coming to power exactly what have this party delivered for us? Brexit yes. And although I was staunchly a remainer can anyone please tell me 5 years later what benefits it has delivered for us? Apart from a frightening fracturing of the delicate relationships so painfully established under the Good Friday agreements in N Ireland?

And then of course there has been the covid pandemic and how have this Gov’t managed it? Well disastrously with 130,000 deaths and a horror story of mistakes, delays, wrong decisions, unsupervised spend, favouritism, arrogance, hypocracy, denial and now pure unadulterated cheating lechery from a Minister of State. Who couldn’t do the decent thing until a public clamour forced him into a shameful resignation. There is just no shame in public life any more. I just detest modern politicians. And I am still waiting for these morons to get on top of the covid problem for a third time so that I can see my daughter and youngest grandchildren out in America  after being denied for nearly two years. Meanwhile Hancock’s been knob hounding around with the morals of an Alsatian dog. Just who do these people think they are? Leaders with power but without responsibility and accountability? Doesn’t that describe Stalinistas?

In days of old we’d have stormed Parliament before now but as a public we remain brilliantly compliant over the whole covid regulations, patiently determined whilst waiting to get our vaccinations done despite some understandable concerns. And all along our political examplar acted like a sneaky little groping rat hound. You wonder what his wife must have thought on seeing the video stuff below in the media…

Matt Hancock caught on video kissing aide Gina Coladangelo at his Whitehall office

It’s not just his infidelity. It’s like emotionally he’s  no better than a teenager, sneaking an arse and possibly finger grope. And this man has been in control of our NHS service and covid response. And to think 2 days ago he was seeking to significantly expand his influence and powers over the NHS machine.

Well that won’t now happen. Thank god. But I suspect he will find a consultant Directorship with several companies he appointed without referral to standard tendering processes so all will be well at chez Hancock financially. Though the relationship with Mrs Hancock hopefully might be as cold as the mortuary slabs on which thousands of those poor covid victims of his incompetence, ended up.

Despicable person.






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