Straight talking

So our handsome and talented eldest grandson Sam and his great friend Chizz have started a podcast called Straight Talking where they interview other young people about their ambitions and motivations etc. It’s quite new but will hopefully lead to some fascinating conversations. Now they clearly felt the need to balance all this youthful vitality with some hefty experience from a hefty old sod and I was humbled that they asked me to fulfil this role.  What the hell do I know after all? Well if you want to find out, check out this link below and I’m sure Sam and Chizz would love it if you socialised their podcast…


2 thoughts on “Straight talking

  1. Paul, that was truly brilliant! Brought many happy memories back and really proud to have shared a lot of them and some of your journey with you. And you made light of some of the speed bumps along the way! Two questions – you should have named names on the boss issue! And why is Carlton Palmer always the default player for crap/lack of personality midfielder? It’s akin to describing size of somewhere in terms of x times Wales or x times Olympic swimming pools, haha! Seriously though, this was really inspiring and I hope others see it in the same way. Well done Sam and Chizz – look forward to seeing more, but I think you’ve set yourselves a high bar with this one! Simon

    • Ha many thanks mate. I’m sure you know who the boss in question was. I’m pretty sure you’ll hold him in equal esteem. You were one of the inspirational ones!


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