Fish and geeks, Robert and the missus

It’s an intriguing title right so what on earth is this posting all about? Well it’s all to do with new sources of entertainment that quite frankly I find amazing. When I was a senior marketing guy, media meant print (news press and specialist), tv and radio. Social was nowhere and online was in its infancy. Now they’re almost everything and increasingly I’m searching out stuff almost exclusively on my devices. And I’ve come across two sources which, unless I’m the last person in the world to find them, I think you’ll go wow; they’re very different and completely nuts.

First up a podcast. It’s kinda like a radio broadcast that you can tune into anytime. Who knew that’d be a thing 10 years ago? I don’t quite know how I came across this particular one but it’s called No Such Thing As A Fish. Weird name. But it involves 4 of the people (they refer to themselves as elves) who do all the research and question setting on the tv programme QI. Basically they are 4 geeks, 3 guys and 1 woman, led by a chap called Dan Schreiber who each come up with weird little facts that they all question and add to based on their nerdy knowledge. It’s like University Challenge without the annoying Jeremy Paxman asking questions and the scoring. It’s just a sharing of really obscure information by some people who might not have too much sex. Except I think this crew just might as they do tours and sell out massive events. Who the frig knew?

It’s sort of interesting and weird at the same time. The theme music is by some obscure Japanese band and suits the programme perfectly. They have this tendency to resort to giggling like school kids whenever subjects such as periods, feminine hygiene products and sexual positions other than missionary are introduced. But don’t get me wrong it’s not sex chat – it’s just full-on factual quirkiness that strays into naive schoolboy/girl jossing occasionally because they’re geeks.

I tend to tune in at 2.30 in the morning when I seem to wake up these days and tune in with my headphones. It’s fascinating but also has the soporific quality to get me dropping off again within minutes. And the good thing with a podcast is that it turns off at the end of the broadcast. Anyway here’s a link to their website and then to one of their broadcasts but you can find dozens more on the BBC I-player…

OK from geeks to something altogether more musical. I’ll just get into this. It’s a Youtube channel fronted by married couple Robert Fripp, lead guitarist  with 70’s band King Crimson, and his missus, 80’s punk songstress Toyah Wilcox. They’re clearly still in love and making music but they’ve developed this Sunday lunch session where Robert plays some of the great guitar-led rock tracks like Smoke On The Water etc. And Toyah sings the lyrics in her inimitable lisping style. The thing is she’s 63 yet she look pretty good. You sense she kinda knows it in a check-out-my-tits cheer-leader kind of way. It’s weird heady stuff and they attract a massive audience. He is a great guitarist often adopting a weird Hoxston fin hairstyle and deadpan expression. Sometimes they have a guy accompany them wearing a gold mask. Don’t ask. She still believes she’s a hottie. Why not? It’s a heady, occasionally jaw-dropping, midday video cocktail. I’m not even sure it’s OK to admit I watch them. I honestly stumbled across them looking for something else. But hey check out this one for a starter (btw they get raunchier!)…pp



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