Ugliest car

Well I was driving down the road the other day and this weird looking car passed me by as we both seeked (sought?) to turn right at the traffic lights. I won’t tell you now what it was but it had an impressive front end and the ugliest arse of any SUV I’ve any seen. In side-on profile it looked like a cross between a London taxi and a hearse. It’s named after a famous diamond I think (which seems like a huge stretch). I’ve never seen it before in my life. Any ideas?

Here’s an image… it’s Rolls Royce’s idea of an SUV, the Cullinan. I don’t know how much it costs – probably over £250.000, but it looks like a builder’s lorry…


Would you buy this? Isn’t less is more in terms of car design these days with consumption and emissions a big issue?  This just looks like a big fucking gas guzzling, CO2 emitting tank.

Is it just me or am I railing against the car lobby?




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