44 days

So it was a sorry sight to see Liz Truss resign after just 44 days as PM. Not because I liked her but just to see somebody so unsuited to the role making dreadful decisions on top of further bad decisions. I was reminded of Brain Clough’s  disastrous tenure as Manager at Leeds United which also lasted just 44 days. Spooky eh?

Truss always seemed such an unlikely candidate for PM but she compounded matters with her odd appointments;  Therese Coffey as Deputy Leader and Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor, please stand up. Her economic policies for tax reductions and smaller state were actually old school Toryism but she failed to share the thinking with her Cabinet colleagues and compounded it by declaring that the £45B worth of cuts would be funded by borrowing without explaining how it would be re-paid. Bad news to the markets who destroyed her economics. The markets caused turmoil in the mortgage and pension sectors, sterling tanked and confidence was shredded. Going tax cuts to the richest at the moment was a complete idiocy.

There followed a series of disastrous decisions sacking her Chancellor and Home Secretary, insisting an a fractious confidence vote on fracking which resulted in the resignations of her Chief Whip and Deputy Whip.

Just hopeless. She was put out of her misery yesterday following a come-to-Jesus discussion with the Chair of the 1922 Committee who presumably told her that she’d lost the confidence of virtually all her Parliamentary colleagues.

So there we are. Another leadership campaign for the head of the Tory Party is in process and by all accounts the odds on recently disgraced and jettisoned PM Boris Johnson returning have been slashed from 20/1 to 3/1. Surely, surely this once admired Party cannot sanction the re-appointment of a dissolute, lying, immoral creature like Boris again to be Head of our Government? I tell you what,  the Tories are running so scared of being annihilated in a general Election that they might just vote for blustering Bozza. If they did I might just give up voting for good. Sadly.


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