Head to head with les coqs

Winning against les bloody French has always given the English a warm glow. We’ve always had issues with the neighbours but those buggers across the Channel have always been our national ‘derby’ team. The Germans have been particularly annoying in recent history but in reality they are a lot like us (apart from the arrogance, first on the sun-lounger mentality and sense of humour). But anyone’s who’s holidayed in the Dordogne and popped out in the morning to buy 3 baguettes, 5 croissants, some ham and cheese for breakfast and commented on the pleasant landscape and lovely weather without speaking in perfect French knows how sneering they are about we English and our slight mangling of their beautiful language. What’s so wrong with il ne pleut pas comme dans Angleterre? We love France and they hate us. Pourquoi mes amis? Continue reading

more favourite places

I have to say I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to this posting subject; my wife’s 10 suggestions were sensational but it’s the contributions from all the other commentators that have left me breathless. Ah well I’m going to press on until someone gets moved enough to write back with some locations and venues that made them sigh with with pleasure. As promised the next two lists are my favourite art galleries/museums that we’ve visited or spent time in over the years. Increasingly, I find myself spending more time here than other more hedonistic places these days. A sure sign of advancing maturity (some might call it boring old git syndrome). I don’t care.

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film lists

I read in the London Paper last night that the London Film Festival’s currently running until 17 October and as part of the fun they’re encouraging folks to submit their favourite film lists. It’s an old game but thought I’d have crack at the following categories. If you can suggest alternative categories (what about horror movies, historical, involving sport etc?) or better films than I’ve come up with then please feel free. Maybe this’ll stimulate a few responses…or not!

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celebrity baby names; scintillating or cynical?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard that Charlotte Church, who’d piled on a few pounds during her pregnancy, had a baby daughter on Thurs night/Friday morning. Good wishes to them. I really quite like Charlotte’s Cardiff-girl attitude. I’m not sure about Gavin’s preening but each to their own in the changing room. I have to say they make a handsome couple and she’s spunky and care-free in equal measure. Thing is, I noticed their annoyance in the media that Myleen Klass had beaten them to the name Ava for their daughter. Beaten them? It’s not like she can claim title rights. If you like the name, why not go for it too C and G?

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favourite places

Well I’m really stimulating a lot of interest in this feature so I thought I’d try theming some lists to see if it triggers anything in you. You don’t have to follow suit, just let me know of those places which truly captured your imagination. It doesn’t have to be 10; your perfect place will do. Anyway enough hectoring here are a few more great places we’ve really enjoyed:

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the best looking football managers of all time

It’s hard to get through to any serious commentary on the Mourinho/Chelsea situation because of all the female gnashing over the departure of the hottest guy ever to grace the screens of MoTD. Everywhere you turn are women eulogizing about his gorgeousness. I saw some stuff on GMTV this morning which made me blush. I don’t know who the old bird was they had on the couch but she was positively orgasmic in her breathy descriptions of the guy. They brought on some male models in 3 of his classic outfits – the track suit (she quite liked that), the Armani suit (she was squirming now) and finally the grey winter coat and scarf (yes, yes, yes Jose!). Steady girl. Yesterday morning on straight-laced Victoria Derbyshire’s phone-in show on Radio 5, one woman caller, when asked to relate her favourite Mourinho memory, just drawled hotly ‘he’s just so dirrrty.’ Even Victoria giggled and in her deepest slow voice simply offered us ‘oh i know’ and left it hanging there for a few seconds. Just the silence of women imaging how dirty he could be…..oh Jose.

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10 more fave places

Well I thought that idea of getting folks to nominate their favourite 10 places they’ve ever been to was a winner, once I received that one response – and that from my wife. Blimey folks, I know you’ve been to some lovely places and seen some wonderful sights and experienced great service and food occasionally. Just send me 10 words telling me where. If it helps jog a few thoughts, here’s my next fave places:

1. Padstow, Rock and Rick Stein’s restaurant where we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

2 Cycling up to the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. It’s just stunning to stand on it and take in the view. It would be so easy to jump off too!

3 Speaking of the view, Alcatraz prison in the bay. Very evocative.

4. The Greco-Roman theatre in Taormina Sicily and that view of Mt Etna.

5. Portofino – as pretty as it gets.

6. The Eifel Tower – loved going up though walking down gave me the heebie jeebies.

7. Pacific Time Restaurant South Beach Miami

8. The Board walk, South Beach Miami

9. Seattle and the drive up to Vancouver.

10. Chrysler building, New York

How hard is that? Come on folks. At this rate we’ll never get to 40 let alone 4000 nominations. If no-one submits I’ll have to resort to doing more cooking ideas for useless men. And I know how much you all like that!