who wants to be a… milliner?





I know it’s all that the media have been going on about for the last week but here’s the thing; we went to see Slumdog Millionaire last week-end and it was brilliant. No, it was bloody brilliant.  C and I haven’t been to the cinema since we went with good friends M and J some 5 or 6 years ago. Things have changed – it was a multiplex Vue cinema in sunny Staines (we were expecting the worst) and you know what, the place was excellent; big comfortable seats, perfect sight lines, great sound system, friendly staff, easy book-ahead system. Surely the film was going to prove a disappointment…..oh no.

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tom nights


Well R and I are indulging ourselves in films and other  DVDs. Yesterday, the first night without C was R’s time and we ‘enjoyed’ a host of Westlife and Take That stuff for most of the evening. Oh the joy. Then around 9.30 she put on Green Mile which was a surprisingly great antidote to all that boy-bonding, sing-a-long-a-ding-dong pong. Today, whilst I was over at neighbour P’s sawing up wood, and after an afternoon of yet more WL/TT dvds (she has enormous appetite for boy band live performances – is that slightly salacious sounding?) R  rather surprisingly picked ‘Road to Perdition’ for tonight’s main film feature.  Okey dokey.

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films and xmas

One of the things about being over here at this time of year is that you miss out on all the films on the telly. Oh I know it’s mostly the zillionth showing of the Great Escape but occasionally there are one or two decent films I haven’t seen before. So to compensate C bought a few films over in the UK for us to view this Xmas. We’ve just watched the first, The Holiday, featuring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Now normally these women knock my socks off but having seen them in this, I wished they’d stayed on vacation. Continue reading

robin hood and his merry men. ooh.

Spending all that time picking olives allowed me to think about all kinds of things and for some reason I couldn’t get Robin Hood out of my mind. Don’t ask me why. It must have been all those hours stuck up a tree.

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paul newman; great guy

I was very sad to learn about Paul Newman passing away. He’s always been a bit of a hero to me and a wrote a tribute to him back on 29 May last year when he announced his retirement from acting, as his illness began to take hold. I think I said it all then. Great guy.


cannes film festival

Well today’s the final day of the CFF when the panel announces the Palme D’Or. I read too that Quentin Tarrentino will be giving a master class on film-making. Sigh, it all makes me nostalgic for the days when my great mate J and I attended the event with Cellnet and created the greatest 3 day hospitality events in the mobile industry. Continue reading

really crap movies

Well since I’m on a dvd kick at the moment I thought I’d let you know of two movies which are total and utter crap just in case you get invited to watch them. One I watched last night, the other we bought recently at our local supermarket here. It was in the sales offer bin and I now know why. Film one – Beaches- one of my daughter’s favourites. It stars Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, neither of whom appear to have done anything since.

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dead of night

Whilst ordering some DVDs from Amazon (more Gilmore Girls and Sopranos series – see previous posting) I also spotted a film I hadn’t seen since I was a kid, Dead of Night. It was made just after the war by Ealing studios. The accents and the acting are a little comic but it’s far from being a comedy. It relates a series of chilling dream sequencies and ghost stories from a gathering of country house guests. I was 7 or 8 when I first saw it and it really frigging spooked me.

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