BST at last!

Well as Bill Withers might say, what a lovely day. It’s absolutely glorious here today in sunny Teddington and it feels like we’ve seen the last of winter at long last. Mind you this is England so it would be no surprise for it to start snowing tomorrow. Which won’t worry me because we’re off to Italy for a week or so to get our place sorted out for the summer. It’ll be hard work as ever, no doubt,  but I can’t wait to be honest. Though it would be rather nice if we just had a busy, rather than eventful, trip this time. Fingers crossed!


Italy, always a drama

Well we’re back from a short trip to our place in Italy and as ever it was eventful. First off bloody Stansted. What’s the matter with the people who work there? We rose early (3am!) and got there in good time, had checked-in in advance and only had hand luggage with us. All we had to do was go through the security check and catch a plane. Huh. Everything was going just fine until C handed them, as per security instructions, a clear plastic bag with her small cosmetics in. They had an issue with the bag because it was zippered; apparently it needed to be a plastic bag with a press strip closing. When C asked why, she was informed ‘because of cabin pressures’. Eh?

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oh joy, stansted again

Well tomorrow we’re heading off for a few days at our home in Italy. We haven’t been for several months now as we’ve so enjoyed the winter here in the UK. As ever there’ll be a lot to do to get the place straight. Our first task may be to try and get the energy company Enel to reconnect our supply which got disconnected it seems recently. Don’t ask. Our good friend and neighbour Pauline has been valiantly trying to get us re-booted over the last few days in the in midst of packing up hundreds of boxes as she’s recently sold her property. It’s always complicated in Italy – although bills have been paid, it’s also necessary to fax copies of receipts to Enel to prove that they’ve banked the money. Apparently they wouldn’t know otherwise. Anyway fingers crossed it’ll all get sorted. Meanwhile I’m so looking forward to catching up with the joys of Stansted early tomorrow morning. Yeh right.

ciao amici


ps more on the new design and theme for the blogsite shortly

DHL hell

Well it’s been another short break from the blogging. We’ve been away in Italy to collect the olive harvest with our great friends L and S helping us pick the fruit.  I can’t believe yet another year has rolled by. Was this our fourth or fifth harvest? Either way we had a lovely week there and did really well with the crop. Thanks to L and S we collected all the fruit in just over two days – 92+ kilos in total, more than 200 lbs. Not our best harvest but bloody good considering I’ve not had chance to prune the trees that well in the last 12 months. I’ve got some serious supplies to get out to my olive tree adoptors now. If you’re following the postings get in touch folks!

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catching up

Well it’s been weeks since the last posting – these blogging breaks seem to be becoming a feature of the site – so a quick catch up on recent stuff might be helpful. First off it’s been busy-ish on the work front, especially for C, but the main diversion has been a brilliant two week break over at our place in Italy. For once a holiday rather than a work camp!

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Cool pool

Well it’s been a few weeks since the last posting and the reason is that we’ve been incredibly busy making several flying visits to our place in Italy. We’ve been having some landscaping and building work done with us doing the labouring when possible. In the shot above you can probably make it the new retaining wall at pool-level which neatens things up enormously plus a new path way that we’ve almost finished  down to the pool with a logged retaining wall to hold that severe slope at bay. It’s also a big help in managing to keep the slope trimmed and tending to the olive trees. I’ve lost count of the number of times my ladder has slid down the hill with me atop it during olive-picking. Continue reading

busy week-end ahead

Well we’re just off for a short visit to Italy to try and progress some more of the landscaping work etc in preparation for our first guests this summer. It’s going to be busy but will find some time to get a posting done I’m sure. Only worry is will I find a screen over there that’s going to show the England v USA match on Saturday night? Yikes. Not sure that my little dongle (ooh no mrs,titter ye not) will have the necessary bandwith to let me stream the match. Did I tell you that this week I only went and replaced the RAM facility on my laptop – which had gone into panic mode – with a 4Gb upgrade? I’m seriously not joking and it works beautifully. I’m still in a daze to be honest but no doubt cutting down half an acre of 4ft high grass over in Italy (yet again, sigh) will bring me to my senses. Just think in two days time I’ll be setting fire to 7 dead elephants at 5.30am again. Oh and our pool has thousands of frogs in it apparently. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Come on England!


the best little seafood restaurant in the world (well sirolo)

Well we’ve had a real battery re-charge here in Italy, the weather’s been lovely the last few days and we’ve worked our socks off on the house and in the garden. We’ve only a couple of days left before heading back to the UK and almost on queue the weather’s turned all British on us. Instead of a glorious sunrise bursting through the window we had rain beating against the pane this morning. We’d only 6 more olive trees to prune as well but we reckon we deserved a day off from the paesano stuff.

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