office admin….and numbers

You may have detected a reluctance on my part to embrace bureaucracy – especially if you’d read my recent posting on tax returns (still not done). I hate forms and office processes and corporate nonsense. At BT we had to produce tons of meaningless stuff just to satisfy the God of Being Seen To Do The Right Thing; personal development plans, annual appraisals (the form was always more important than the guidance), personal/team/dept/LoB targets blah,blah, blah. Once I’d left and set up my own company I thought I’d left all that behind. Of course it’s still there – in a different form but I’m no fonder of it.

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the lottery; or is it?

Buying a lottery ticket has been an important part of our financial strategy this year; it’s also been the bit that hasn’t worked terribly successfully. We haven’t even got close to 3 numbers let alone 6. We don’t employ a lot of strategy about our number selection. Last week with the big rollover jackpot on offer, and for a change, C tried the birthdays routine and even got our beautiful grandson to draw numbers from a hat hoping that his innocence and sweet nature would melt the hearts of the Camelot Gods. Of course neither routine worked; would I be writing this blog with £18m in my pocket? Continue reading

50 up and ’07 over

Well this is the 50th posting this month. I’m delighted to say that we’ve gone through the 2500 visits target to the site in December – looks like it’ll be somewhere close to the 2,800 mark. That’s brilliant and slightly staggering to be honest so thank you all for checking in. Continue reading

friends and family and numbers

Sounds like a BT tag line but it’s a just a way of saying that we’ve been busy on personal stuff for a few days hence the absence of new postings. Yesterday evening we got back from visiting our daughter and grandkids and had Mike and Jayne round for dinner. We haven’t entertained at home for ages and it was lovely to see them and return the favour of the dinner they treated us to some weeks ago. We weren’t able to push the boat out but that’s not necessary with old friends. It was just good to chat about life, the kids growing up, a little on old times etc and to drink a little too much too (except Jayne who was chauffeuress for the night). Great company.

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behind schedule

I’m now regretting giving myself a target of 50 new postings on the blog during December. It’s the 7th today and I’ve done 8 so far. Given the distractions later in the month and work commitments now turning heavy (hoorah!), I need to be doing at least 2 a day to keep pace with the challenge (oops). So I need to write 6 postings tonight just to keep up with the pack. Ooh er. If only I had dozens of interesting strings of thoughts going on in my head. But it’s Friday night and I’ve had a couple of glasses of very chilled white wine….

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the pp blog challenge

I was re-reading the posting I did the other day about ‘Nov over’ where I mentioned that the pp blogsite had 200 postings on it now and had attracted over 8,000 viewings (thank you again). Given that I’m in the mood for some blogging at the moment I thought I’d challenge myself to get past the 250 postings mark by end December and to see if we can achieve the 10,000 viewing before year end. I’ve recently added a a blog stats reader on the right hand column so that visitors can gauge progress. Regular readers will know how much I like number symmetry and this would be a very satisfying result. Last month was my lowest level for postings at 20 though it delivered the highest visits at just over 2000. I managed 44 postings in September so 50 during December with all its distractions will be a real challenge. Continue reading

150; 5000; 100,000

I wrote in an earlier posting about my fascination with numbers and the particular pleasure I derive from seemingly random cases of precise numbering (you’d better go read ‘figure this’ under the travel category for an explanation). Well this week the above sequence of numbers popped into my view. As Rolf Harris’s accountant might have said, can you tell what the numbers refer to yit? It would be nice to think that they are sterling figures for my consultancy services – hourly rate, typical monthly fee and this year’s earnings. More accurately it could be number of creditors, typical monthly credit card bill and total debts. I jest of course. We owe lots more than that. Continue reading

100 not out

Well folks this is my 100th posting on the Pasta Paulie blogsite. Blimey that’s starting to be a lot of opinion, rants and slightly gentler words now I think about it. That’s said, it’s been a blast for me. I’m full of crap I know but this has been a great release valve for me now that we’ve stopped playing 5-a-side (unwillingly). So what’s the subject for this posting? It ought to be about life in Italy as that’s the core theme of the PP site. But as you know we are largely over here at present trying to get this house sold after 2 years on the market. We hope to get back there very soon. But it’s been a difficult few months now and something happened last night to make me feel very good again.

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