paul newman; great guy

I was very sad to learn about Paul Newman passing away. He’s always been a bit of a hero to me and a wrote a tribute to him back on 29 May last year when he announced his retirement from acting, as his illness began to take hold. I think I said it all then. Great guy.



paul newman

Is it just me or is Paul Newman just a top guy? Yesterday I read a small article saying he had decided to call time on his acting career because at the age of 82 he was no longer able to remember his lines that well and could no longer act with confidence. How many others have been so honest about their declining abilities? The guys’s work has slowed but in recent times he did a voice-over for the film Cars and had a significant role in The Road to Perdition. So he could still earn, I’m assuming, $millions if he felt like it but has put that all behind him now. Yet he’ll remain active focusing on the things that matter more to him now – an organic restaurant in Connecticut and get this, a network of camps for critically ill kids. I know the guys loaded but to me he just oozes class.

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