Oh dear

Arggh my eyes….I’ve just switched on the tv to watch the Argentina match on ITV and there’s that fat fuck Adrian Chiles presenting the pundits’ preview in a pair of tight shorts. My lovely sister H forewarned me the other evening that she’d witnessed the grumpy one’s pallid legs and it wasn’t a pretty sight. My God she wasn’t joking. That just shouldn’t be allowed before the watershed. I was chomping on a cherry at the time and I nearly choked on the frigging stone. Just imagine if the last thing I’d seen before I died were the Chiles thighs. Shudder…


tv stuff

Well it’s been a bumper week on the box.  First off the incredible story of the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners. I don’t know about you but they would have had to stuff me full of morphine to get me into that little capsule for a journey through 620 metres of rocky darkness. I loved the Chilean President – he actually looked like he was passionately concerned and delighted about the miner’s welfare. Or am I just a fool as Norman would have said?  Anyway of all the miners’ re-appearances I think top bravado marks should go to the guy who was welcomed by and heartily and openly embraced his mistress rather than his poor wife. Eh hola chuck! What’s the chances of  that marriage lasting as long as he was underground? I’d say about as slim as getting some first night out sex tonight (from the missus).

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