move over mugabe

I see that later today Robert Mugabe is to be announced the winner of the run-off election for the  Presidency of  Zimbabwe, having seen his only rival Morgan Tsvangarai withdraw his candidacy following intimidation. This would be his 5th term and if he serves out the full 6 years, he’ll be 84 when he finishes. By which time he might have completed  his Zimbabwean revolution,  delivering all white-owned land and property to native black Zimbabweans. Of course by then the country will be completely bankrupt, the people starving and the only folks with any wealth will be his political cronies. Continue reading


not wild about wild at heart

Have you seen the programme Wild at Heart? It’s about an English vet, Danny, played by Stephen Tomkinson who sets up a practice-cum-game lodge kind of thing in South Africa with frustrated wife Sarah (played by horny Amanda Holden), permanently pain-in-the-arse sullen teenage daughter Rosie (no idea who plays her), other little kids, new arrival mother-in-law Caroline (Hayley Mills) and token stereotypical S African partner Du Plessis. There’s a bar-owning SA boyfriend to Rosie and boss of rival de luxe safari lodge next door. Oh and lots of animals as you’d expect plus great scenes of the wonderful African landscape. The plot is they’re struggling. That’s it and it’s a pile of mushy rhino dung.

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