Random thoughts

Well dear readers for the first time in a very long time I thought I’d do a posting not linked to a single theme but just a series of random thoughts zapping around in my mind at the moment. Each of these could be the subject of a separate posting but I thought I’d just shorthand it for fun.

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Trying too hard to Take That

Another posting about tv – this ones all about Suzuki cars’ newest marketing partnership. They have a long-standing sponsorship association with ITV Saturday night entertainment programmes or, put more simply, shows featuring the ubiquitous Ant & Dec. And to back it up they formed an advertising link up with the duo themselves showing them driving around in their cars meeting fans etc for use as break bumper ads around the lads’ shows. I always thought that was pretty lazy thinking. Why target the same audience twice? But all that changed when Ant only went and crashed his actual car (not a Suzuki) whilst pissed and his addictions became public knowledge. Hence a year out of the public eye recovering at the Priory, which kind of created an Ant-sized hole in the Suzuki partnership strategy.

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he’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere

Over in Italy I wrote that the most popular TV presenters would appear on any number of shows (and very often on the ads within the programmes too). Now I’ve noticed this trend being adopted here – especially on ITV. It’s been pretty painful watching Philip Schofield host The Cube as well as co-presenting This Morning and Dancing on Ice but at least we get his delightful co-host Holly Willoughby to slavver over. Then there’s Ant & Dec monopolising Saturday nights when they aren’t down under doing IACGMOOH! However the undisputed new King of the programme hogs has got to be Adrian Chiles. He’s on bloody everything; each morning on Daybreak, on all of ITV’s football coverage, and now here’s hosting a chat show on Sunday evenings. I guess ITV must feel that they need a return on their £6m investment in grumpy Chilo but for heaven’s sake can’t they try and find some talent other than PhilorAde and Ant’n’Dec to front their shows?  And not Davina please.


ant and dec: shock 3 times winners in tv vote

A bit of a cynical headline I guess but 3 more gongs for the unlikely lads at the National Television Awards the other night. I’m sure the voting was all above board this time because they are just everybody’s favourite presenters aren’t they? All that talent, so little height. If ever there was a misnomer for an event it has to be the NTA don’t you think? Continue reading