Hidden meanings



I’ve mentioned Drew Pritchard before. He’s TV’s Salvage Hunter – a dealer who finds items in country houses, old factories, antique stores etc, then renovates them where necessary and sells them on for a profit. He is extremely good at his job, knowledgeable, has a fantastic eye and claims to be a great negotiator. And he’s a first rate twathead. He’s a complete self-regarder, full of his own self-worth and ability and annoyingly condescending to anyone and everyone beneath his station in life as head of a major trading conglomerate. Or successful rag and bone man. If you were looking for the definition of a diminutive Welsh businessman full of his own self-importance, then Drew’s your little boyo.

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long-forgotten ad technique

The last couple of mornings I’ve been watching some early morning repeats of Will and Grace/Frasier.  In the mid – programme break I’ve witnessed a long forgotten advertising technique, something I haven’t seen in years. It is a still ad – a single image  advert for an antiques fair to be held in Buxton, I think.  There was a crappy shot of some furniture and tons of copy – too much to take in, because the ad was only on screen for a few seconds. No soundtrack, no voice-over just the single-frame ad. It reminded of those naff ads for Indian restaurants or the local vets you used to get in the cinema before the main feature – real home-made ads. Advertising agencies? Pah! Waste of bloody money, how hard can it be to do a f**king advert? Well harder than you suppose. I haven’t seen an ad like that on the TV since the 60’s.  Is it a throw-back or a very clever retro idea designed to get my attention and write to all my friends about it? Nah would I fall for that……?   Just the 4 out of 10 for cheap-skating.