Oh dear

Arggh my eyes….I’ve just switched on the tv to watch the Argentina match on ITV and there’s that fat fuck Adrian Chiles presenting the pundits’ preview in a pair of tight shorts. My lovely sister H forewarned me the other evening that she’d witnessed the grumpy one’s pallid legs and it wasn’t a pretty sight. My God she wasn’t joking. That just shouldn’t be allowed before the watershed. I was chomping on a cherry at the time and I nearly choked on the frigging stone. Just imagine if the last thing I’d seen before I died were the Chiles thighs. Shudder…



Dodgy food

Shocking news…I got chided by my lovely wife for posting the selfie with my two Bafta’s; not because it was just a little conceited (which might have been justified) but because it made me look like I’d had a mini stroke. Bit harsh. This was a bit of a surprise because I usually get told (and by some very close friends!) that my photos make me look like a child molester or that Victorian serial killer weirdo Bodkin Adams. Bloody cheek. I explained that I was winking rather than having a seizure because I was trying to imitate the famous bronze mask but I had another look and you know what…she may well be right. I do have a face for radio as we theatrical types put it. Continue reading

nuts about Brazil

Watching Brazil beat Italy 4-2 tonight brought back some very happy memories for me. I was just 17 and it was the summer holidays. I’d been working for weeks at the bakery and had a little bit of money saved and John McCann, who was my best mate then, and I went for a lads few days away to Troutbeck up in the Lake District. Not only did John have a tent but he also possessed the coolest Mini in the area. He was also pretty good at footie and too good looking for his own good as my nan described him. Whatever nan thought, it still meant that meeting girls was a lot easier with John as wing man.

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so long USA

One result from yesterday that caught my eye was in th Womens’ Football World Cup where Brazil beat the seemingly unbeatable USA team 4-0. I think that’s the US team’s first reverse in over 50 games. It’s hell of a run but I’m glad it ended because, well, they stuffed England in the, yes, Quarter Finals. I’m tempted to think that instead of gold stars for WC wins we should add the letters QF beneath the 3 Lions on all England team shirts, signifying our love affair with major tournaments almost always ends at this point.

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Well what did you reckon to last night’s game? It was alright I guess. DB came, crossed and conquered the headlines this morning. He had a pretty good game I thought; lots of effort, a few beautiful passes, one 25 yarder that went very close and that stunning free kick that Terry crashed in. At the goal the camera caught McClaren turning to Venables and saying something like ‘I told you so’. To which Tel shrugged with a wide smile as if saying ‘for sure, but it’s hardly progress me old china is it?’ That’s the point really, it was effectively Sven’s team – certainly his midfield – and are England a better side now?

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