brits – it’s quits

Last night was the 30th anniversary of the Brits Awards and I’m pretty sure we’ve seen all of them live, on tv or online. But no more. It’s turned into a catalogue of very strange goings on that I’m no longer in tune with. It’s a bit like watching my own personal freak show knowing that others view it, weirdly, as culturally significant. Pah! I can’t bear to watch it any more. Oh I know this sounds like a grumpy old man speaking about his remoteness from the current music scene (just like our dads used to go on about how ToTP had become degenerate) but it’s actually become my version of American Pie. Yesterday was the day the music awards died.

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letter to america

Here’s the text of a Letter to America purporting to be written by John Cleese which I came across in a recent blog. I don’t think it is written by him but it’s gently mocking style did make me smile and it sure stirred up a lot of reaction from our cousins across the pond, not all of it hostile – more than a few did get the humour.

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