watches; batteries not intelligent

I’m quite a fan of watches. I probably have 4 or 5 between here and Italy. Nothing too expensive. I’ve acquired them not because I’m a collector but more often than not I’ve gone out without wearing one, mistakenly, and have popped into Next or somewhere to buy another one – I cannot stand not knowing what the time is. Stupid I know but that’s me.

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barmy buckingham

As in bonkers. I’ve written a lot about the festivals etc out in Italy. Whether it’s to celebrate the chestnut harvest, the palio, or a religious/historical event the Italian occasions have a point to them. Now in Buckingham we have the Charter fair. The Charter was granted to the town by Queen Mary Tudor in 1684 to reward them for their loyalty to the crown during various rebellions not least the Civil War period. Local rival Aylesbury was always a Parliamentary town which probably explains why the town of Buckingham lost its County town status to its rival.

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ok so the house is 400 years old, apart from that…

You’ve heard of two jags Prescott well I’m two mortgages Leonard. We bought our lovely house in Italy using some of my package from when I left BT, the rest on a second mortgage. The idea was to sell up here in the UK and live a life of bliss among our olive groves and doing consultancy few a few marvellously generous clients. It was a great plan and would have been if the house here in Buckingham had sold within a few months. But it’s been nearly 18 months now and it’s only recently that we’ve had a steady stream of visitors to view the place. Two mortgages are not a good idea when you choose to leave permanent employment…

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