frustrating flying visit

I’ve just returned from a flying visit to the UK hoping to secure some new business. It wasn’t terribly successful as most of the people I’d arranged to meet suddenly decided they were unable to do so – though they only informed me once I’d escaped from Stalag Stansted. Whatever happened to manners in business eh? So after a frustrating couple of days I headed down to Brighton to catch up with E, S and our grandsons. Continue reading

social whirl

Well after¬† M and J the other night, we went to dinner with friends G and J in Oxford last night. The diary page in the Daily Mail will be full of it this morning. What a mad social life we now lead. It was great to catch up with them and they were very kind too.¬† Top friends. Now if only J will check into his e-mails this morning and check out the ‘Little Bird Told Me’ message from me, then my exciting new ‘what you really want’ service is off and running for Xmas. Come on J, the fate of a whole new industry rests in your hands. No pressure then…